[BUG][UI] ATI templates

I’m having an issue converting my HW2 mod. Consider the following ATI template:

TIM_Template =
		stringParam = TIM_GameTime,
		text =
			colour = {1,1,1,1},
			dropshadow = 1,
			renderFlags = {"justifyRight"},
			LODs = {1,"Heading2Font",},
		placement2D =
			factorX = -1,
			factorY = -1,
			visibility = {},

The renderFlag “justifyRight” no longer works in a game rule. It gets defaulted to “justifyLeft” apparently. The same is true for “justifyHorizCentre”. It doesn’t work either. These worked fine in HW2. Please fix!

Those have been like that for over a year, and are deprecated… odd that you just noticed?

I was in the ati.lua file 2 minutes ago, and there are still calls to these flags in all the text tables. Is that normal ?

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I haven’t needed them until now.

It’s weird that they work okay otherwise, and that just the centering is off.