[BUG] Unable to proceed on Side Quest "Dynasty Diner"

Quest appears to be completely locked in place.

I’ve got the checkbox ticked for “Kill Archer Rowe and friends.” I can’t interact with Lorelei or spawn a new Burger Bot, and all the relevant enemies have been defeated. Returning to the area after a restart doesn’t respawn the enemies. The drop is no where to be seen.

Unclear what triggered this. I killed all the enemies, but the last one I took out ran very far from the spawn area before I took him out, so it’s possible the distance was too great to trigger progression?

Would happily restart the quest, but doesn’t appear to be any way to Abandon quests.

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I also can’t progress this mission, and I’m on PS4 Pro. I’m stuck at “Clear Burger Bot’s path” after killing every enemy. All the robot is doing is panicking in a circle dropping burgers everywhere. Tried quitting and resrarting, killing enemies on other side of map - nothing’s working.

This may have triggered when I quit the game mid-mission to briefly swap to another game.

Same problem as above. At the second ‘clear burger bot’s path’ I killed all the enemies. The bot is just freaking out. I tried warping out and in. I tried exiting the game and starting again. Nothing. The mission is stuck. I did not swap games or run out of the area like above.

I ran into the same issue with the burger not getting stuck. Thought I had killed everyone but it turned out that there was one guy left, high up on a raised platform that you can’t reach. I moved around and noticed I was getting shot at, which gave away his position. Once I killed him it triggered the quest to continue on. Hopefully this helps.


Went in this morning to try what you suggested, when there were three new enemies in the space, two big fireball slinging nomads, once I took them out, the plot continued. Also, there was this Amber Lights robot that ran away (so I switched to sniper and took him out from afar), but yes, mission complete. Thanks!

Im having the same issues. At the second set of enemies i kill them all and burger bot is still just going in circles spewing burgers everywhere. Im on xb1 though. Kinda glad to know that im not alone in this. Lol

I’ve got the same glitch. No enemy’s to kill on follow burger. Just runs in circles? Haven’t tried looking for the guy up top but im pretty sure there all gone!

I found the missing targets right below in the tunnel under the platform where the burger bot cycles around. As soon as I fragged them the mission continued. Good luck.

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The last one was under in the tunnel under the platform where the robot was running around… check there!

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There is a kog midget theres actually two of them check down on lower level on highway and other surrounding areas outside of designated mission area. I found a maliwan kog midget wandering down the highway killed them bot kept moving stuck for 45 mins

I’ve got the same issue playing as Moze now on the Kill Archer Rowe and Friends waypoint. No enemies below, reloaded the area, turned it off and on again, changed character, nothing fixed it. This appears to be a legitimate glitch.

Holy thread-necro!

Did you try changing zones/maps (eg travel back to Sanctuary III & then back to Promethea)?

PS wtf is a kog midget?