(Bug) Unlimited Broken Hearts rewards

I may have found a bug that could grant unlimited amounts of Broken Heart rewards.

Description Summary : Unlimited Broken Heart rewards if you got the Broken Heart rewards with a full Inventory.

Observed Results: When I had a full inventory of items, when I claimed the Broken Heart Rewards, it allowed me to toggle between the Reward Tab and to any other tab and back to the Broken Heart Rewards tab and select the gifts again like they were reset.

Steps To Reproduce:

  1. Full Inventory
  2. Get Broken Hearts all challenge completed
  3. Select gifts
  4. Toggle over to another tab like Mayhem
  5. Toggle back over to Events and Into gift selection
  6. Get loot and repeat.

Expected Results: Should not be able to obtain multiple items endlessly.

Have never been able to replicate this across any characters or PS4 accounts.