[BUG]Vigilance Link item deactivated

Found a Legendary Item called Vigilance Link (armor piece). It can not be activated during the game and it is darkened in the inventory.

As far as I know its currently disabled since its going to be reworked/changed. That was announced it the Battleplan from the 23th.June, here a link :heart:

It will function again as soon GBX made the fixes they wanted to do.

Don’t tell me it’s supposed to be overpowered…

Don´t know, never used it myself, but I red that it caused some havoc in PvP. Just hope they´ll bring all deactivated legendaries back soon, I miss my Voxis Core…

Overpowered then. Guess they nerf it to uselessness. Actually whoever is willing to invest 1800 shards should get something out of it. Otherwise make equipment independent from shard activation. Reduce their drop amount/rate and make them a buildables only resource.

It’s crazy overpowered in PvP. Consider an entire premade team of 5 each using one. That’s 1120 additional hp for everyone (280 + 210 * 4). For some of the squishier characters, that’s nearly doubling their total hp.

My theory is that the nerf isn’t going to be as bad as you might think. They probably disabled it (as well as the all-4-one shield which is like the link, but for shield) until such time as they could figure out how to make it so that it doesn’t stack (while still allowing all of the other “give this to allies” legendaries, which aren’t nearly as borked, to stack). One Vigilance Link is nice; 5 of them is OP.

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Ok, stacked to 5, yes! But not a single one per team. Or maybe diminishing returns. Meaning the effect of every additional item of the same type is halfed consecutively. So if you had like 5 Vigilance Link, for example it would be 1+1/2+1/4+1/8+1/16

Or 210+105+57,5+28,75+14,375 = 416

Sry, double post.