[Bug] Voice chat activation freezes/crashes the game

Any time I press “T” to activate voice chat game completely freezes for 5 - 8 seconds and sometimes completely crashes or network problem occurs so I have to reconnect.

This did not seem to be happening when I was playing open beta, it was all right.

Laptop, core I7 6500, nvidia 960 4gb and 8gb ram.

P.S. Battleborn is way much more fun than Overwatch, it’s got untapped potential hopefully Gearbox will be able to make it even better.

The issue is still present after updates. Find it very frustrating as Battleborn seems to be a teamplay game and voice chat communication is a big part of it.

Great work, latest patch fixed the problem! Keep on good work Gearbox I believe in Battleborn more than any other hero moba.