[BUG] Weird, stuttering movement - anyone else seeing this on XB1?

Is anyone else seeing this odd, jerking (forward and back) movement during gameplay? It seems to be triggered by Sprint, and can usually (but not always) be canceled by stopping completely, and then re-starting forward motion.

So far I’ve seen it on Marquis (video) and Oscar Mike.

This happens quite frequently when things get busy. Oscar does it very frequently during a private Incursion match (i.e., with bots).

As the title implies, I’m on XB1.

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Happens in almost every game to me…

It’s happened to me a couple of times. Check the scoreboard the next time you notice it and see what your connection display is like. You’re basically seeing the effect of latency between your XB1 and the server.

It looks to me like your connection dying or your controller (or game) having some issue with the sprint key.

Latency in single-player campaign mode. Yeah, that’s acceptable.

I test my mulitplayer connection pretty frequently. It’s consistently 60/8Mbps with 0% packet loss. Looks like the problem is on the server side. I’m sure “top men” are working the problem.

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Well sprint is toggled, so not sure what sort of controller issues there might be.

And the rest of the game works perfectly fine - no minions jumping around or other signs of lag.

Took a quick look at the scoreboard when this just happened in a private vs. Green bars.

I have this happen to me frequently but I play on PS4. It’s rather annoying trying to run for your life to just be stuck between normal movement and sprinting until you stop movement.

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I’m on ps4, and it happens very frequently, I thought it was just my controller, but yeah. The problem isn’t exclusive to XB1.

EDIT: It also isn’t exclusive to slow internet connections, it happens to me even when everyone is at full bars.

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it’s not limited to XB1. It happens in all platforms. It’s connection. Not saying your internet is the issue. No idea what that is. I always get red bar but sometimes this happens sometimes it does not. So no idea at all

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The problem with any game requiring a constant client-server connection is that you are always at the mercy of transient load spikes between you (client) and the the server. It may be more noticeable in sprinting simply because of the fact that you’re moving further from one frame to the next. How well the game holds up to such load spikes depends on both how the code is written (at both ends), and how robust the infrastructure is on the server end.

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Thanks VH. I’ve worked on netcode, so I’m familiar with the tech. What concerns me is that I’m seeing this under circumstances where there’s essentially NO “load”. That is, I’m the only one in the game.

If this really is a connectivity effect, and GB’s netcode is this fragile with only one player, I have to say I’m pretty surprised and very disappointed.

Well, not load from your end. However, that’s not guarantee that things aren’t being slowed down either in between or at the other end. It is, after all, on the internet, and that can be a pretty wild place at times!

Granted. However, the point here is that as a customer, the only end I’m concerned with and the only end I have any nominal control over is my own - especially if I’m playing solo. Given that several people have indicated they’re seeing the same thing on multiple platforms makes it appear as though this is just one more area where testing on this game wasn’t sufficient. This phenomenon makes the game only marginally playable and, certainly, far less enjoyable.

Happens to me at least once a game as Benedict. Don’t really play anyone else so can’t comment on them. but it’s really annoying having to let go of everything and just stop dead for a few seconds to regain control on my character. Alot of times it will cost me a death.

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Unfortunately today’s patch didn’t fix the problem. : ,(

Wild. The only time I’ve ever seen anything remotely like that, it was right next to a sentry shield and I thought it was geometry related. But that doesn’t seem to apply here.

happened to me 2
not only movement affected
bullets 2… u may noticed it once the shootings suddenly lagged

There maybe different sources that could be the cause for this … another one beside network issues is that some characters have this stuttering in different situations, like Whiskey-Foxtrott & Benedict, there is another thread about this somewhere on the forums.

You mean like this?


I sent a support ticket about this. They were very nice about working with me and responded to all of my emails almost immediately, but I still get the problem. Just yesterday I had it, even. It has nothing to do with the character I choose, either, as yesterday I was playing as Alani when it happened. They claim it’s the server and at the time (about a week after it came out) said it would be addressed in future updates, but yeah. Nope. I don’t stream the game anymore and only jump in on occasion to see if it’s any better. Sad, because it would’ve been so fun. I really like it, but basically wasted $75. Or that’s how it feels, at least. shrugs Wish they would do something like give me Borderlands 2 or the Handsome Jack collection as compensation, lol. Wishful thinking, though, I know.