[BUG] Weird, stuttering movement during sprint on XB1 and other platforms

Very frequently seeing this odd, jerking (forward and back) movement during gameplay. It seems to be triggered by Sprint, and can usually (but not always) be canceled by stopping completely, and then re-starting forward motion. Others report seeing this on PS4 and PC.


So far I’ve seen it on Marquis (video) and Oscar Mike.

This happens quite frequently when things get busy. Oscar does it very frequently during a private Incursion match (i.e., with bots) and in addition to the forward/back stutter, his gun is flailing all over.

I’ve checked scoreboard twice when this has happened, and no connectivity issue is shown (i.e., Green Bars). I frequently test my XB1 multiplayer connection, and it’s consistently 60/8Mbps with 0% packet loss (also reported on PC via speedtest.net and pingtest.net). The XB1 is hard-wired to the router. We have no smartphones, tablets or other devices vying for bandwidth - just two idle computers and the XB1. I’ve done the standard power-down/up of everything, including cable modem, XB1 “cache clear” (i.e., disconnect AC from adapter). No change observed.

This makes the game virtually unplayable when it happens and only marginally enjoyable overall. I’m not going to jump into online games knowing I will have to deal with this, and that ultimately makes the product essentially worthless.

If there are port forwarding parameters I should set on my router for this game, please advise.



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