Bug when using secondary scope attack

Having trouble scoping with thorn and marquis on pc. When I hold right mouse button for secondary attack, most times the gun/bow will only raise halfway then go back to normal stance. Also when it actually goes into the scoped mode, I can only get off one, maybe two shots before it goes back to normal stance again. Anyone else getting this?

Do you have Weapon Aim Toggle enabled?

Located in Options > Gameplay

So I went into the game and enabled this and now it works. Now I only need to click the mouse once and it enters the scoped mode. That being said though, with weapon aim toggle off, I should be able to zoom just by holding down on the mouse button(the way I prefer to be honest) and this doesn’t always work. Didn’t know if it was a bug anyone else came across. Thanks for the help though lol . Now I can actually play as Marquis sensible