Bug where I start the game with health at 64,000,000 Badass rank at 20,000 and fast movement, reload and health regen

I started a new commando character and when i got my gun from claptrap and some health i noticed my health was around 64,000,000 then carrying on from here i killed all bullymongs and knuckle dragger in one shot. Ive tried reinstalling my game, starting a new character etc. but i can’t get just a normal game, please help.

Sounds like you’re playing the Handsome Collection- are you? Their forum might give you a better answer than here…

No it’s just the standard base game on pc via steam

You should submit a support ticket. It sounds like your BAR might have gotten screwed up somehow.

That’s what you get for playing Axton XD. But in a way that’s really cool. Id keep the character just for ****s and giggles. Axton the Invincible.

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