[BUG] Whiskey's Lore Item and Master of Phoebe (unrelated)

So, I’ve encountered two bugs I thought where worth mentioning:

1: Whiskey Foxtrot’s lore item, Gahaldric Gun Grease, doesn’t seem to want to proc on reloads that have already had Gun Grease active, in my testing with it, it seems like when I Zero out a ‘Greased’ clip, but interrupt the automatic reload (by using a skill or Quick Melee), 1-3 more rounds magically reappear inside the clip, and if I fire off those, THEN the next clip will be ‘Greased’ up. I believe the core of this issue is a latency nuance, but it’s very consistent, even when I have a strong connection to the servers.

2: I got the level 15 half of Phoebe’s Master of Phoebe achievement, without her being level 15. I don’t how, it just kinda happened, round about the time I completed her first lore challenge I think.