Bug with a title

Hi all,

I just finished a game, and me and my team did 63 kills in a game. I was so glad because I love collecting achievements/titles, and I wanted to do the one when you have to kill 60 Battleborns in a match with your team. In French, it’s called “Coopétition”, don’t know its name in English. But there is a problem: it’s still locked, like I didn’t do it.

Yea there’s been a few threads seems to be bugged at the moment :frowning:

There are a few titles not working correctly like all of Alani’s, and the Trader title for me I’ve played like over 75 games as LLC snd that title only requires 25.
I’m also title hunting I will have all 191+ someday!

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This just happened to me as well. Here’s further proof that this isn’t working:

I too was disappointed that this didn’t work, considering the fact that unlocking this challenge is not easy.