Bug with gun damage

My dad and I logged in the other day and felt like our damage was way low with our best guns. When we looked, my sniper rifle that did 17k, (compressing storm) did 2800 instead. One of my SMGs did about half damage as well. We cannot remember what was different with my Dad’s character. We forced close application and reloaded, and everything was back to normal. Just now, it happened again. This time, we did not notice in time, the game saved, and my combat rifle is permanently half damage, my 17k sniper rifle is 2800 again, and the better one i got for my dad that did 28k is doing 4900. My dad has lost 3k on his gunerang. I’m not entirely sure on this one, but I also believe my pistol was doing 1000 more before as well. Unsure what if anything change in our non equipped items or shields/class mods/etc. Not sure what is causing this, but if there is anyway to fix my damage, please let me know, because we struggle to kill anything on Mayhem 2 now.

You need to wait in main menu for Hotfix.