Bug with Mellka and Ghalt

Hi, I want to report a bug I just saw in pvp. I played Ghalt, and I used the combo trap stun + grap. The problem is: I put a trap on the ground and I succesfully grabbed a Mellka in it, but she wasn’t stunned by it, only because she instantly jumped at the end of the grab. The problem is there, she had to be stunned, so I could finish her, but the contrary happened, and she killed me.

Thank you for reading, Apsara, Battleborn.

Quarter second delay before trap activation unfortunately

Yes, exactly what I thought, but it can be a real problem, like in my situation ^^

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It most def is an issue easy trap kills become Ghalt dying instead it stinks :frowning:

Also, she could have some gear that reduces CC.

And I think she’s the fastest character. Personally I hate the hook --> trap combo because it feels cheap, but that’s me.

It’s Ghalts only trick pretty much

Yes, and not really easy to use against characters with good mobility. Ghlat doesn’t have enough damage to kill you instantly after this combo, so it can kill him too ^^

PS: even with an item that reduce the cc, it didn’t stun her at all and the trap was still on the ground, but I really grabbed her in.

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