Bug with mission assassinate the assassins

please see here. posting the link here as i think this is where i should have posted it.

edit. fixed the link, not sure what happened there.

The link takes me right back to the forum your post is in, so I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking about?

There are common problems with this mission though, so I’ll guess that maybe a door isn’t opening for you and you can’t get to the next area, or one of the assassins isn’t spawning. Both these happen when there’s one enemy in a wave remaining, but they’ve glitched out somewhere and you can’t easily see them (often because they’re in a wall or floor…) If that’s the case, then check for red dots on your minimap and toss homing grenades in that general direction, or save/quit/restart (you’ll keep your progress although you may gave to fight your way through a few mobs again, but the glitched character should also be reset)

thanks for the reply. I have searched, he is not there. so the solution is to restart my character? we should be able to revert to a previous save as we could on older systems.

I assume by “He is not there” you mean one of the four assassins. No, you do not need to restart your character. Simply quit your game, then relaunch and continue. You should spawn in at the entrance to the power plant, so you can just work your way back through. Avoid the temptation to take any “short cuts” you might have seen on YT or similar, and make sure you clear all the red dots off your mini-map in each section.

Edit: Also note that the Borderlands franchise has never had a multiple save file option, unlike other RPGs but very much like other FPS games.

Edit 2: Ok, I see the linked thread now. It’s actually pretty rare for this to happen - personally, I’ve never had a problem through multiple characters, even when I died during the fight. Your best bet at this point would be to advertise in the PS4 on-line play and trading section for someone doing the mission that you can join their game and get past the block.

I’ll look into this for you.

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Thank you.

Ahh, I must be thinking of GTA saving.

Good idea. I will start looking around for others at that mission as every other suggestion has not worked.

Thank you for you responces.

Well three minutes later update. The darn gate opened. I think this has to be the quickest retraction ever. Wow humble pie has to be eaten.

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