Bug with Nimbus class mod

I have noticed that while using the Nimbus class mod for Amara, the one that creates a cloud around the Phasegrasped target, the cloud will remain long after the kill has been made. In most areas of the game this is not a problem as you will get the kill and move on. However, in areas like the slaughter shaft it can become a visual nightmare that makes it impossible to see enemies and loot, especially when it’s the fire cloud effect. The issue only seems to effect the person that created the cloud, as my friends couldn’t see what I was seeing. While the slaughter shaft looking like the entire place is on fire is visually neat as it made me feel as though I decimated the place, having all 5 rounds with more and more permanent fire clouds emerging and visually blocking everything is more than a little difficult on an already difficult area to clear.

I have only noticed this visual bug in the slaughter shaft. I have seen the cloud dissipate after killing in other areas and have seen some dissipate in the shaft as well. But the moment a cloud doesn’t dissipate it will remain there the entire time.

Ps. This is a visual bug. The cloud effect will not continuously damage enemies past the allotted class mod duration.