Bug with Shane challenges?

I’ve done all the lore, tons of maps…
Shane’s level 18 and has the legendary and title but the challenge page shows it as not completed.
Any thoughts?

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Just checked mine and I’ve got Master of but the first two challenges are incomplete. They also aren’t listed as lore challenges.

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I had this with benedict, but i didnt get the title or skin. Must just be a bug.

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No screenshots atm, but I have the same ‘problem’ with Alani.
The Master challenge is stuck at 1/2, yet I still got her Legendary and the Title. So, no adverse effect.

This only occurred after the Winter Update and so far I had no trouble getting progress on yet unfinished Lore challenges.

So I’d say this is merely a UI bug in the challenge display, comparable to the wonky Character Rank & Lore Completion percentage we had for a time after the lore challenge rework.

Now that I think about it, it could also possibly be related to the increased maximum Character Levels. Maybe raising the level cap unflagged some of the ‘hidden’ Maximum Level challenges.

(When you complete a match at 15 for the first time, there is a pop-up ‘(Character) Maximum Rank’ challenge right at the end of the match, but it’s not listed in the challenge overview. It just serves as a Prerequisite for the Master challenges.)

I finished some lore on Pendles and Shayne yesterday and had no problems getting any progress.
If you have the lore finished but no Title/Lore Legendary, that must be a Benedict-specific problem. Either way, filing a support ticket is probably the shortest route to getting your Title/Gear.

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Yep done this about a week ago, fixed in no time and gave me a legendary loot pack :slight_smile:[quote=“Sm0kerCrew, post:4, topic:1555309”]
. Maybe raising the level cap unflagged some of the ‘hidden’ Maximum Level challenges.

I had the problem way before the cap increase so i’m not sure if that was the problem

Make sure your screenshot clearly shows your Login name in the corner, otherwise they won’t clear your issue. GBX support is superb, so you should get resolution within a day!

…Really wish that has been my case. Two support tickets and nothing.
Submitted series of screen shots for the challenges last August, support agreed with me and said they’d fix it.
Nope :poop:

To be fair, it’s in no way impacting gameplay in your case. Fixing missing Legendary Gear/Master Titles is a support priority.
But with only the challenge display affected, it merely prevents you from reaching 100%, which makes it more of an inconvenience than a disadvantage.

Overall, I’m confident this matter will be resolved with the next patches, just as it happened with the Character Rank/Lore Percentage.

…Agree but this is a mental thing, some of us are OCD :wink:
Just checked btw, my Ambra is the same way but the other characters I’ve mastered are fine.
Wondering now if taking these two up to level 20 might help.

I think the game wants you to get to level 20 to get the completion. Even though you only need 15, game will look at mastery as 100%, and thus it will want rank 20 S&A.


On Alani I have the achievement, skin, legendary, and title but one of the lore always says 0 complete no matter how many times I’ve done it.
On Melka it finally fixed itself so hopefully Alani will also

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It’s not just Shane.

Anyone I had mastered had those two challenges retroactively reset to 1/2, after the Winter Update. With no way of re-fulfilling the requirements.

I just shrugged it off as a “lol patches amirite” thing, and let it go.

Curious, if a solution has been found.

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They may have shaken things up since then. I put in a ticket because Worthy of Song, Coopetition and Bada bada boom didn’t unlock when they should have, and got a reply within 4 hours telling me how to resubmit good screenshots. The titles were unlocked the next morning after I sent them good pics. (Time difference is large, since I live in Europe).

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My mastery challenges are progressively becoming 1/2 now, and that’s even for ones I have at level 20. It even happened for a few after I had gone through and checked everyones challenges, and then noticed later my percentage dropped even lower. Not sure why it’s happening or what’s triggering it, but almost half of my Battleborn are 1/2 now. Support wants me to submit a video proving I have actually mastered the Battle born that are losing challenge progress, but if everyone is having this happen, it’s probably a bug that Gearbox needs to fix in a patch.

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Same, I got Shane to level 20 and it remains 1/2.

She got there with style I might add :smile:

Almost all my characters have this bug now. :frowning:

My character challenges tab has dropped like 9%…

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Looks like it is a thing, my guess is Gearbox is now aware. @JoeKGBX