Bug with the cryo Augment and the red capstone + Infusion

So it seems that the red capstone is bugged with the cryo augment : you don’t get additionnal cryo damage when you shoot a weapon. The same happens with the skill infusion. It doesn’t change a part of your damage into cryo. It works perfectly fine with the other elements.
Has anyone else noticed it ?

I made a video about the problem


That is an excellent video. Thank you for taking the time. Do we know when the devs might be addressing this issue?

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Short answer: no

If you didn’t see the hotfix notes today, good news! They’ve done it now.

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@damien_hine (or anyone else) - Does Amara’s cryo augment work now? Does someone know that for certain? Just wanted to confirm. Thanks!

Yes. I was playing around with it a couple of weeks ago.

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