Bug with unlocking characters

So i unlocked isic and toby through their secondary reqs but it wont let me play as them, it says i have them unlocked but wont let me use them, just wondering whats up with that.

What platform are you on? :- ) I hear Toby is exclusive to PS4 during the Open Beta. Isic should be available for everyone, though.

PC, i kinda had a feeling something was up with toby since i never saw anyone use him, if he’s ps4 exclusive for beta they should not haven been an option to unlock him. But yeah the isic thing is weird since i see people use him a lot, thanks for the answer now i dont have to worry about being the only one not able to use toby lol

I have the same problem with ISIC. The unlock requirement for completing the Algorithm mission is unlocked but the character is still shown as locked on the Battleborn page.