Bug with using skills during a CC

Couldn’t find anything, so I’m sorry if this is a known issue.

When I am using a skill, if I get hit with a CC just as I am using the skill, the skill does not fire and after the CC effect wears off the skill goes on cooldown even though it wasn’t used.

I know for sure it applies to stuns and pulls, not for slows.

It can be pretty frustrating, because it usually leads to me spamming the skill button afterwards and nothing happening. Then I’m dead. It’s especially devastating when it happens with my ult…


Yea I have been wondering about that as well. It makes very little mechanically sense for either a hero shooter or moba game to be played this way. Sure if your spell is like rath and is being used it should be stopped and await for cool down. But there is so many times im simply aiming a cast and am hit by CC and it just puts my skills on CD, this can be for ults like oscar mike having to wait an entire 1min+ just for getting nailed in a knockup, move, silence or stun.

I face this issue all the time with Phoebe… on many occasions, I try to phasegate out of a sticky situation and i get stunned by enemy CC (galilea, montana, isic etc.) right at the very end of phasegate’s animation… not only does it stop me from teleporting it also puts my Q on cd making me a nice juicy target for the enemy… essentially at that point i should be un-targettable or atleast teleport to the destination and then get stunned since i used my spell and the animation was 99% over…

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this definitely needs to be fixed. i have been getting my teleport cancelled constantly even by primary fire, or any dmg in general. sometimes it takes both teleports once level 6. i understand if it is a silence only, but primary fire?

This just happened… I was on Phoebe, waiting around the corner for a good flank. I hit Q and was patiently waiting for a nice spot to teleport to then all of a sudden i got stunned Alani’s geyser… when i came off the stun my Q had gone on CD. despite me not casting the ability… (I have my abilities on normal cast mode so for phasegate or any skillshot type ability I have to press the ability key once to target and then again to complete the ability… Pressing ESC while targeting will cancel the skill but it won’t go on cd…) this is definitely a bug, a skill going on cd even without using it…

A Thrall knocked me up when I was trying to aim my ultimate. Getting a one minute cooldown because of a damn minion definitely made me salty :weary:
“Oh, I was trying to stop this Thrall but it’s now stopped to attack our Bot Minion, I’ll use this ample moment to aim my ultimate on the sentry and help my team with the shield and then take the Thrall out…” Not.
Though I guess it’s just a Git Gud thing, you know? :’)

Should probably start counting the Thrall knock up cooldowns. Because I’m a competitive player who gets paid to do this stuff…
I’m just trying to have some fun, man…

I honestly wish that instead of giving us a full CD for skills we were aiming/casting it should give us a reduced CD time instead. Like when Caldarius hits the ceiling when using his final he gets a 10 sec CD or Deande who gets nothing in her final gets a 10 sec CD. So like if final are interrupted before they even get the chance to be used we should get a 10 sec CD and if our other skills get interrupted they get put on like a 2-5 sec CD.

I’m not saying like if Ghalt was already gunzerking but like 2 shots in her get CC’ed should get a reduced cooldown but like say Kelvin is aiming his ice wall and BAM stun out of nowhere. Now he’s got no super for like the next 60? seconds.It just seems like a waste.

I don’t think this is a bug and I thought it was intentional, whenever skills are being aimed you take on a special animation that tells other players yoy are aiming a skill, this timing gives players the chance to counter you. This is a concept very similar to other PVP games I have played most notably League of Legends and Guild Wars 2. the timing your skills can be just as bad as poor aim, it’s really good to know when to time your skills so that they aren’t interrupted and instead you are interrupting the enemy’s, I played as each character at least twice so I know every skill cast looks like and when to interrupt them, I thought this was just part of the game personally

hey buddy. i know this isn’t the exact solution you are looking for… but you can make phoebes teleport instant… what i mean is, instead of having to press the button a few times to teleport, you can just press the button one time and it’ll port you instantly. go check it out! the way to make it instant is simple. under options, go to gameplay, then at the bottom there is an option called “skill activation styles”. by default it is set to standard. change it over to instant and you can teleport with 1 click!!! lemme know how it goes

According to the devs, this is a working mechanic, although they need to fix abilities going on full cooldown after getting CC’d

yeah i tried having her Q on smart cast but it is kind of hard to teleport to where i want to in first person view… Like In LOL, i have all skills on smart cast and from that isometric view angle it’s pretty easy to use abilities with just one click… here it’s kind of tricky, especially with abilities like Phoebe’s Q or Thorn’s E… i’ll keep trying to use her abilities on smart cast, maybe i’ll get a hang of it…

I prefer the “Quick” cast method - you can instantly cast skills by just pressing once or you can press and hold to aim it.