(BUG Wtf?) Failed to retrieve match history?

Just had one of my favorite and most enjoyable matches seemingly vanish. The match completed … but then some odd window came up saying the match history was missing. Sure enough, not in my match history list.

Seems about right to have one of the most satisfying matches just vanish for some unknown reason. Can’t add my teammates as friends, can’t do ■■■■. WTF.


not to mention you dont get your exp after this i think. needs to be fixed. check under friends list under recent players they might be there maybe.

had this once too… but never since (first 1-2 days iirc). thought they fixed it through their shift possibilities

This happened to me as well right when I was playing my last game to master Whiskey Foxtrot it gave me the challenge complete at the end of the match but I got this error and I don’t have the skin or the title and it seems I can’t get them now

Yeah, have had this happen after completing a story mission. Got a “cannot retrieve match history” message, or something to that effect. Not sure what I earned or what stats I got for the mission. Maybe it’s just a server issue, but hopefully we’ll see less and less of it as time goes on.

This was a bug in the Open Beta as well. I got it once then, and have gotten it once since the full game was released.

Just wait a few mins, and reboot the game as well - you didn’t lose anything you gained from the mission. Give it a second, and the money, items, completion status, etc. will be restored.
That’s what happened to me both times.

Also: I had it happen once while doing a public match in a party with a single friend, and we both got it at the same time.

I don’t know if this means it happens to the entire group or not, though - not enough information to say that definitively (also we were playing from the same network at the time IRL, so there’s additional factors from that).

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Same just happened to me on best incursion match /: quit and restarted game multiple times. Still not in history

This happened to me twice over the past few days. Both PvP matches, both victories :confused:

Happened again today twice. No rewards every time…

This Bug is back, happend to me multiple times yesterday in pvp and pve.

if this happens to you, note that you receive all of your items; XP; Titels and so on.
BUT there are NO Updates to your player and character statistics and more importent you dont get updates to your
Lore Challange screen. Wich means that you can not read your Lore informations of the Character and you dont see the full picture.
I dont know how this affects the Titel Master of XXXX but you still get your Character Legendary so maybe it does not affect the Titel Master of XXXX

Been happening a lot again lately. After the hotfix?

yes right after the update/hotfix what ever it was

Can confirm this bug is back.

Happened on most of my matches, still receive credits and exp, along with titles, but no character or career statistics. Very annoying.

It does say to check later, so will they eventually update my career stats or are they lost forever?

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there was an update during the day, you receive the lore challange updates now just the next game, its still anoying if its something hard to achieve and you have to do it again, like Foxtrots lore or Galilea

hope this get fixed soon, its a bit game breaking from my point of view

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I have just completed Archive on Advanced with Thorn and this happened…does that mean I will have to do it again? :confused:

I’ve been having this issue for most of today. Half of my matches aren’t recorded, including the rewards from it.

Support told me its my network settings- they dont even know what is happening.

This is a weird response. I doubt all the people reporting this issue suddenly changed their network settings, and if there was no issue before the hotfix… Did they even say what could be wrong with the network settings?

"The issues with connection with servers you are describing are related to the network connection.
I strongly recommend going through your home network settings. Make sure that the NAT is an Open type and the port settings on your router are optimal for 2K games.
If the situation doesn’t improve after that, you may also try connecting your console directly to the Internet, omitting the router whatsoever.
For your convenience here’s the link to our article about the network connections: http://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/articles/201335143-General-Networking-Troubleshooting
As for the problems with retrieving the recent match history, a good first step is always trying to close the game and reboot the console.
It’s a fast and efficient step that fixes many minor visual glitches and disconnection problems.
Hope the above will help!
Unfortunately we have no tools to add those scores to your account, I wish we could!
Apologies for our limited abilities in that matter.
At the same time I would like to assure, that we are doing our best to make sure the servers function perfectly at all times. "

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Never had this bug until the Lootpocalypse. Now each mission is a coin toss.
I’m trying to complete my Phoebe levelling but , while you get loot and coin, you cannot get XPs.

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Same problem here since lootpocalypse. And my friends too. So Although it’s a network problem seems to be something close to the event. I helped a friend with the heliophage in advanced and didn’t count as a success… A little pain I must say.

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