(BUG Wtf?) Failed to retrieve match history?

It is 100% guaranteed to fail 10/10 times. I played for hours trying to complete missions in the campaign and I cannot progress since it doesn’t save the match history.

Was going to get the DLC missions but I won’t even be able to play them since all the campaign mission have to be completed to access the DLC missions.

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Me 2 I can’t literally move a single step ahead…I really want to start borderlands series I really want to finish battleborn for god sake.

I’m sure this crew is following multiple threads for news - a quick way to check is playing games on Hardcore and jumping off cliffs. That will quickly let you know if match data can be retrieved.

We seem to be back online with a bit of a caveat that matches need to last over 10 minutes or so in order to save properly. I’ve been trying a variety of versus maps and modes, and the only ones that haven’t saved so far were a 5-minute Capture and a 7-minute Meltdown.

Aaaaand back down again.

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Feeling the same way… Wish to (at least) end story mode)

I just send another support ticket to gearbox…it`s all we can do right now, is it?..

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I am one of the Lucky guys who got the Lore done for everyone… but my Brother wanted to do all the rest he has to before BB is gone for good.

He played on his console and didn’t make progress, I just tried on mine as well, nope…

Could it be that clearing more than 1 challenge is the problem?

Isic has a few that are easy to do if you focus on them, but what is it good for if because of Lost Match data you have to do it over and again till it DOES retrieve match data?

By the way, was a long long story mission (Dragged out the Algorithm) the gear was kept but the lore not…

Really sad…

Dispite match history not recording challange progress, Command Rank Experience, Hero Rank experience, Blue Credits, Platinum credits and all other rewards are tracked, applied and rewarded. If your not getting progress on challanges and you are 100% sure your doing what they require you should submit a support ticket. Iv been playing for the past 4 days on PS4 and iv been getting exp and challange progress dispite only getting match history once every 8 or 9 matches.

To be clear you can get all those things in any story mission on any difficulty, Operations also on any difficulty Public Verses modes, Classic Maps on private verses.

So I wrote the following message to gearbox support AGAIN:

I´m still having problems with the match history. No progress has been saved.
I have written this issue in the thread “(BUG WTF?) Failed to retrieve match history” but it didnt solve the problem. Other players having the same problem. I know there are questions I have to answer: *** How frequently does the error occur after a match?** For me every match *** Does it happen with all Battleborn Heroes or only a few?** Yes, it happens with a wide variety of heroes *** Does it happen in the same map and game mode every time or randomly?** It happens to me in the single story campaign on different maps on different difficulties *** Did the error only start appearing recently (like after a Patch) or has it been prevalent throughout the course of their game experience?** It starts appearing around December 2019. And that was three month ago. I cannot give a failed match ID becaus it hasnt been recorded.
Please fix the server problem!
We have paid for the game and we want to finish it!”

and I got this answer:

" Hey Jan,

Thanks for reaching out to us here at 2K Support.

It seems like this is currently being looked into by the developers. I’d like for you to please follow this link so that you’re able to post your personal experience with the issue.

I’ll also need some additional information below.

  • How frequently does the error occur after a match?
  • Does it happen with all Battleborn Heroes or only a few?
  • Does it happen in the same map and game mode every time or randomly?
  • Did the error only start appearing recently (like after a Patch) or has it been prevalent throughout the course of their game experience?
  • Also if not already included please ask for their:
  • Battleborn Profile ID
  • SHiFT Support ID
  • SHiFT Email
  • Platform
  • Platform Name
  • Latest Match ID that received the error (you can find the Match ID at the bottom of the Match Summary board)

Once I have this information, I’ll be able to move onto the next step. If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to let me know.


2K Josh
Customer Support
2K Games"

… O_o…
I already given these Informations twice and all I get is the same answer.
I fear the worst. Obviously we will not getting any proper solutions to this problem. They will sit this one out.

Just tried now again and nothing saved…2K and Gearbox I am SHOCKED at your lack of customer support and goodwill to your player base. It was bad enough that the game goes offline in 2021 but to not even be able to play your game now is beyond ridiculous.

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Looks like this is fixed, I just played a mix of story and versus over five matched and all were successful and saved the match history. Hurrah!

Yes I played a couple of games on PS4 yesterday and all worked fine. Then tried the Xbox One version and it also saved. So for now its fixed and I hope it stays that way. Thanks to those concerned with fixing it.

Hi there,
Playing on PC. Starting from last weekend I’m experiencing this “Cannot retrieve match history” error. It was fine for the last three weeks & now it happens like 3 matches out of 4.
It happens across all Battleborn that I played with, across both story & versus missions.
Can’t give you the match ID because if this error appears, then you don’t get to the match summary screen & therefore can’t check the Match ID.
And I’m not the noly one, my friends also get this error

Match failed to retrieve data has started to happen for me again, I have played four matches today and all four failed

GEARBOX - the problem has returned and is doing the same thing as before.

Whatever you did back in mid-February - could you please do that again?

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Another detail to add: I launched the game today again & found myself locked out of everything except the Prologue & Versus Public Quick Match ( if there’s 5 players in queue). However playing those missions does not unlock anything due to the “Match failed to retrieve data”

I am having the exact same issue. Even after re-completing the prologue I’m still locked out of the entirety of the story as well as the Classic, Face-Off and Supercharge multiplayer modes.

Still the story missions locked out & versus also …Gearbox whatever you did back than do it now.

This is really frustrating tried so many times &. So different ways still the same. Developers please fix this problem.

I noticed that if I manually select Data Center as “EU West” instead of “Use Optimal” or “EU North” matches save in 4 cases out of 5 (edit: actually it’s pretty random & sometimes the match isn’t saved 3 times in a row).
But still the only available modes are: Rocket Brawl, Tank Yankers, Big Head Rumble, Warfare Rumble & Gravity Rumble.
While OP missions, Classics, Face-Off, Supercharge & Story Public\Private are locked out (except Prologue)