(BUG Wtf?) Failed to retrieve match history?

Our favorite error is back, this game seems to work for a month then takes a month off

It was working fine until a couple days ago, i raised a support ticket so at least the customer support know if they don’t read this forum anymore. Hopefully the devs can fix it!

Same, logged another ticket

just had this a few times over the past week too. Weird part is, it saved my command XP and character XP, and it unlocked things when that XP crossed a threshhold, but not sure I ever got the progress toward the dailies from it.

This issue is happening again. Just spend hours on playing campaign missions trying to finish them on advanced difficulty and none of them saved.

What ever was done in February fixed the issue, so hopefully sometime in the near future they are able to fix it again.

Now I don’t know a ton about servers but I am pretty sure this is a maintenance issue. Severs have data capacities and I would guess what is happening is they are reaching capacity. They probably have set times when they clean out there data which is why the problem goes away for most people for a month or so then returns. This is likely the reality of the game until the day it goes offline.

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Given this has been an issue even before the server shutdown announcement and it gets fixed for a few days and then it creeps back in again; rinse and repeat…
It leaves me with two conclusions:

  1. They don’t care enough about it/us to permanently fix it.
  2. They don’t have anyone there that knows how to permanently fix it.

Not sure which of those two bothers me more.

(And I would love to be proven wrong about either of those two conclusions.)

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If it’s a server capacity issue, as has been theorized, then it’s not necessarily something that can be permanently fixed. At this point the only viable options are to move the game to a bigger server (which would just space out the time between maintenance periods) or pull someone off of an active project to perform maintenance more regularly. I wouldn’t expect to see either done for a game that’s shutting down in under a year.

There’s another problem, probably also related to ther sersver capacity but not sure.
I’ve stopped getting daily platinum quests. I’ve been grinding for my last Op mission & I just need a few more weeks to get remaining plat. This is really sad.

The issue is happening again if any of the devs are around to take a look? Very doubtful but worth a shot. Whatever you do works so maybe do it more regularly to keep the servers more stable for the last couple of months.

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And there it goes again.
I’m getting real tired of having my last couple months with one of my favourite games being pissed on like that. >_<

Yup, started up for me as well today. I only recently started playing because I heard the servers were closing next year but still, I wanna try to finish this game as much as possible before it gets axed… would be really ■■■■■■ if they allowed it to stay unfinishable like this until D-Day.