Bugged and frustrated

Damn for the love of God please fix the character moving to the right! Not only does my character do it but all that I game with are experiencing the same problems.

1st, character moving to the right
2nd, the ledge jump/climb up only works 70/30% of the time
3rd, had a friend update on the left side of the screen permanently stay there.
4th, whenever you move the map it automatically goes to the fast travel station
5th I’ve noticed a LOT of the things that fly through the air i.e. skagg projectiles or lids from trashcans will stay in the air suspended.
6th, when you jump and make it on a platform or whatever it seems like the character is trying to catch his footing and not just sticking the landing.

Theses are just the major issues that I’ve ran across. Thanks.

Ps I’m on the Xbox one s with the super deluxe edition

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It seems to be getting better kinda sorta. First of all I temporarily fixed the moving to the right issue. If you’re interested basically go into options ->control and find the left and right stick settings, on the left stick setting push all three bars to the right, Done.
Now on to other issues.
1). Every time that I slam back to back the aura will stay on my screen in perpetual motion around my character permanently.
2). The mission “steps of giants” (probably messed up the name but it’s in Nekrotafeyo) is still glitched however the temporary solution is when you are in the maliwan camp where you are about to enter the area that you have to kill every one then blow up the generator to lower the shield, DON’T KILL EVERYTHING BEFORE ENTERING THE AREA! Every time that I have done that it will not acknowledge that that I’ve cleared the area so I have to quit come back and start at the beginning of the camp area.
3). If this is not an issue than could someone explain why it says completed 100% of the area but when I look at the completed challenges it says i.e. 12/12 crew challenges but when I go to the challenge tab it says 9/9.
4). Its gotten better but there are times where if you look at a weapon or ammo on the ground or in a chest and then look away the description stays in your field of vision unless you go back to said object and gaze upon it again which time it unlocks from your screen.
5). Npc’s running backwards toward you and shooting.
6). The wrong pic will display for the weapon. What I mean is in my backpack I have the e longmusk SMG and just today the pic was that of the weapon trinket that looks like a skull.
7). Lastly (for now) the sound will drop out except for some of the sound effects.

Besides that I love the game thanks. Oh and finished TVHM with Zane no problem so if ppl are having such a hard time with him or think he is weak then either learn how his build works or move on.

If anyone wants to game on xbox GT is gL1TcH_Hj