Bugged Character / Skills - any way to fix? (PC)

So someone on my friends list invited me to a game earlier - they obviously had a hack on as every normal enemy was dropping 3 legs.

Anyway, he told me to go to skills and that I could have everything at max - being level 50 I was curious and clicked on a skill I had 0 pts in, and it went up. (I shouldnt have been surprised)

Anyway, long story short - now when I respec I have 50 skill points. Is there any way of fixing this so I correctly have 48 skill pts?

If respect in the new U station doesn’t fix it then probably not. I’ve still got more guardian rank points assigned than I actually have ranks after their “fix” awhile back.

Try ReSpeccing. Then logging out of the character. Clicking another save. Or exiting the game, and coming back.

Moved to tech support. If you have Windows incremental backups you could try rolling back the save file to before the co-op session.

Alternatively, if you were using Epic Cloud save but haven’t let the bugged save sync, you could try getting the cloud save to overwrite the local one. I’m not sure if you can do that on a save-by-save basis though, or whether it syncs everything, so you may want to make your own backups of everything (including your profile.sav file) first.

Thanks for responses guys, will try them all when I logon later.

The most irritating thing is that it popped up with the option to use cloud save rather than local… but I hit “cancel login” by mistake and ot went ahead and updated anyway. /facepalm