Bugged "Kevin Konundrum" side quest

I have the same issue as described in the PS4 thread

On the map overview there is the icon for the Kevin Kondundrum side quest but when traveling to Sanctuary it doesn’t show up and even talking to Claptrap does not work.

Without completing the Kevin-quest I can’t complete the Baby Dancer sidequest - this does prevent me from finishing the game for 100% and getting the last two achievements. That is pretty annoying.

I’ve read a lot about this in the internet as this issues exists since the release of the game.
Are there any solutions in sight or do I have to restart the game and hoping the side quests do show up…

Also happened to me. Do they plan to launch an update to fix that? Also I was talking which workaround we could use…maybe start with a new char and do only these 2 quests would work?

I’ve got the same issue with this side mission :sob:

Same problem, looking for a fix since game came out, no luck. Hope you all post tickets about this so they will patch it.