Bugged skins should appear in your backpack automatically if you've completed the mission

Yay! all those skins are added in a hotfix! Now I just have to replay TVHM to get them. I just love redoing things to get what I’ve already earned.


Notes said they should be unlocked, not in backpack.

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Unless i misread if you’ve already done the missions you should receive the skins.

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I’d like the actual items the way I was supposed to receive them to begin with. I’ve already completed all of those missions twice with three characters. I have a co-op partner that gets all my duplicates. I’d like to hand over my extra NOG head and skip the dumb mission next time.

i actually had every bugged cosmetic that they fixed spawn in my backpack this morning, no effort needed to acquire them.

received in item form, not auto unlocked.


As did I, just now.

Not only that, but it didn’t expire when I used it. I now have an extra to hand off.

Awesome job on this particular fix.

Edit, not quite as awesome. The apparent extras disappeared as soon as I went to look at my new trinket. Spoke a little too soon. Tried loading normal mode hoping for extras to show up based on completed missions, but no dice.