BugReport - Visible hitbox in the Minecart Mischief quest

Hello, just wanted to pop in and link a bug I found. If this is the wrong place to do it, then please point me the right direction and delite this post.

I was doing the Minecart Mischief quest in the Caustic Caverns when I found a visible hitbox? for the quest.
Screencap: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=396372767

Background: Second playthrough with this character (Axton)

Not a hitbox, but a well known missing texture glitch that seems to crop up randomly for some reason. Don’t worry about it.

Hell, hitboxes are always one solid (but transparent) colour from my experience.

Randomly? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it without that odd checkerboard filler. Do you have a shot of what it’s supposed to be?

Sorry, looks like I’m the one that’s being random, in the sense that I rarely sit there and watch the mine cart go into the crusher - I’m usually running around up top picking things up.

On 360, it’s solid black, which is what you normally see on that console when wall textures either tear or are missing. I guess the checkerboard is just the PC/Mac equivalent.

Happens on the PS3 aswell.

I jumped in the game again as another character(Gaige). The same appeard there. But I think this did not apear in any of the other playthrougs i’ve have had.

And yes it was suposed to be just black, like the one to its left where the questitems pop out.

I went into a game with a friends character whom had never been there.
When we arrived after accepting the quest I saw the standard chessboard, while shee did not. Screenshots from both.

So it might be that the first playthrough is no problem, but any afterwards gives this. Any thoughts.