Bugs and Glitches Encountered

Here are a list of bugs that I have personally come across, for developer purposes.

FPS Issues (very rare and hardly noticable on my end).
Audio problem (in the quest “Proof of Wife” half of the ECHO dialogue doesn’t play).
Repeating ECHOs is not possible.
Rare crashes. (Opened menu in Lectro City, game softlocked, wouldn’t accept any controller inputs)

The game is far from unplayable but these are persisting issues that need addressed. Still am having a blast.

Should be. Go into your inventory to the quests page. Within that, the second tab is echo recordings - is the one you missed in there?

I just retried. They’re working now, but while doing Proof of Wife it only showed the dialogue box when repeated, no audio. Then again, as I’ve said, that quest had a lot of audio issues. Naoko didn’t speak once until you freed her. So I think that’s worth noting.