Bugs and Issues in Borderlands 2 (Xbox One Version)

Hello Gearbox,

I realy enjoying your Borderlands - Handsome Collection on Xbox One, but I’ve found some Issues, and it would be great, if you could fix it, because some are holding the game back for beeing great. I will focus only on Borderlands 2, because right now, most time I’m just playing this with my friends. So, I will start:

  1. Sometimes, when I start Borderlands 2 the Frame-Rate is terrible. Then I have to start a different game and after starting another game, the Frame Rate of Borderlands 2 is normal.

  2. If I’m playing Online, I can pick up ammunition, even I’m full, except for grenades. Example: My Shotgun ammo is full, but I can still pick up Shotgun rounds. If my grenades are full, then I can’t pick it up. So, it works by the grenades! This Bug only appears in Online Play, if I’m playing Offline in Split-Screen or Single-Player, then I can’t pick up ammo of which I’m already full.

  3. Sometimes in Online Play, I lose a soundtrack. I don’t hear the voice of the characters. Example: If we get a quest, the person who introduced you what to do, is not hearable.

  4. Cannon Reclaiming Bug: You see the “Cannon Reclaiming” Button, even if you’re not the Commmando (If you press the button, nothing happens). Screenshot:

  5. Deathtrap Bug: If you can see Claptrap, you will see him in the front (overlayiing) of your inventory. Doesn’t matter if you summon Deathtrap or your friend. Screenshots:

  6. New Character/New Game: If you’re playing (on the screenshot in Split-Screen), the characters are overlaying in “Choose your Character” menue. Screenshot:

  7. If you’re playing in 3-player Split-screen, the HUD is broken. The player cursor and the mission cursor are not exact. It’s always shiftily to the left (but only on the bottom Split-Screen). That appears also to the “player is dead” cursor, and because of that, sometimes it’s hard to see where to find the mission objective or to find the player to revive. Screenshots:

  8. In Split-Screen, your inventory is sometime too tiny, espacialy if you want to compare Weapons and Items. Screenshot:

Hoping for an answer.

Brunnen G

A lot of these issues are minor glitches that were present in the original release of Borderlands 2, such as Deathtrap being visible in your menu.

The issue with the ammo being picked up even when you’re full is intentional. If you attempt a regular pickup (by just tapping X) when in multiplayer, and your ammo is full, you won’t pick up the ammo. However, at all times during multiplayer, doing a bulk collect (holding X) will pick up all ammo in pickup radius, even if you’re full, because in multiplayer, bulk ammo pickup is split between all characters in the game. The game knows YOU have full ammo, but will still allow bulk collect to give ammo to anyone else playing at the time.

That’s about all the insight I have.