Bugs and visual glitches

First of all. Why isn’t there a bug reporting thread anywhere outside the Beta threads or even better in-game?

And now my actual reason for making this post.

I’ve found some visual glitches and few bugs which I thought I’d post here in hopes that they might get noticed.

Ghalt’'s ult ending sometimes makes his main shotgun disappear or apparently leaving it somewhere behind since the shots keep coming from weird places. No effect on gameplay.

Ghalt’s taunt Shellshocked uses the shells from his shotgun, but when you only have less than 2 left the animation plays out without any shell being used. Not sure if this shows to other players.

Deande’s melee attacks and throws seem to hit ever so slightly below where she is aiming in a manner that doesn’t seem to be the purpose making getting critical hits with her harder than it should be.

In Algorithm it would seem that if you kill both Henchm4n at the same time or at least very closely to eachother neither of them drop anything besides the bonus points.

I’ve also discovered a glitch in matches which causes your already activated gear to lock again and then refuse to be activated again. Not sure whether this is just a visual glitch or if it actually turns the bonuses off. Been unable to reproduce the effect though so I’m unable to tell what causes it.

Also is Caldarius supposed to stand in an extremely weird pose after his recharge is complete in The Renegade?

That’s all I can currently remember, but I’ll add more in the future if I encounter or remember more.

More that I remembered/discovered tonight.

Deande’s charge attack sometimes just simply stops right before it would hit an enemy. Have no idea why this happened though.

In the Gear tab if you organize by Rarity all the movement in the inventory become extremely sluggish. There was another one organizing method which caused this to happen, but I can’t remember it anymore obviously.

Caldarius’ charge attack gets stuck literally anywhere that isn’t a perfectly flat surface. It will even stop if you just try to use it uphill.

In The Algorithm in the fight against Galactic Emperor if you stand in the back of the stairs you’re unable to see the ice shield that it forms around itself after coming up from the ground. You should probably increase the draw distance on that one if possible.

At least I discovered that Caldarius is not supposed to stand in any weird poses after breaking out in The Renegade, but that also thus becomes a minor bug. Doesn’t seem to happen every time though.

Oh yeah and using Phoebe’s True Strike near the Wolf Sentry in Void’s Edge causes framerate drops.

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Deande’s second level Helix choices are wrong.
The skills you can choose between are either more damage or increase the maximum health for your clone.
The damage option shows +50% and the health option shows +30%
The base values are 25% on damage and 20% on health.
But when picking your choices the damage increases from 25% to 50% and the health increases from 30% to 50%

I created a general thread here:

I’ll try to go through and incorporate some of your issues.