Bugs Bugs Bugs, i've got them, you don't need them!

I’m really not a pro player I play B3 alone, and without calculating or thinking professionally about how many x this and that should be doing. However during my 10+ playthroughs, here are some bugs I was able to identify:

-Echo messages picked up on Gehenna once replayed in the menu, cannot be stopped nor interrupted by selecting other tapes to play, you have to wait until they end.

-One of the echo messages in the replay menu doesn’t have any name, it’s just a blank record (this echo message is one from Konrad’s Hold)

-Vault card doesn’t have an echo device animation on the echo device OSD, it just freezes the previously played animation (Mayhem mode OSD display was added with the latest patch BTW, 2021 June)

-Map menu: If you select a fast travel destination from the list on the left side of the screen, all the in game map’s POI icon information won’t show until you reenter the menu (like hovering over a ! won’t display the quest that’s available there)

-The June 2021 update yet again introduced the console “backpack” icon in the inventory screen which makes you press tab x times till you can actually close the echo device and go back to the game, and also you can no longer equip trinkets to your weapons since once you start to scroll through them it will revert back to the weapon listings.

-On PC Zane’s 4th “MNTIS cannon” action skill is missing it’s preview in the skill menu. (Equip it, and nothing will change on the character in that menu). This seems to work on the console versions

-On PC Moze’s 4th “Iron Cub” action skill is showing Iron Cub with the wrong size in the action skill menu. (it’s the same size as iron bear). Iron cub is the correct size on the console versions

-Galaxy/Planet/Zone progression still broken. You can get 120% completion on certain planets. Some crew challeneges can be like 8 out of 5 and so on.

-Gehenna planet doesn’t have any area hightlights. (Where each zone is located on the actual planet)

-Gehenna doesn’t have any mission progress tracking. (You can’t really check how many missions are in each zone)

-Moze “run and gun” skill animation is broken, you start running and when you stop for a brief second Moze snaps to the animation where he is running with the weapon holstered. This seems to work with Zane though (He has the exact same skill).

-Moze sliding sometimes would trigger extreme camera shaking for no apparent reason. (Completley flat terrain yet the screen shakes weirdly)

-HUD scaling option does nothing in the option menu. It was working fine before. With the June 2021 update they completley removed the option :cry:

-Fl4k’s 2 DLC skins (bodies) and Zane’s “assassins one” body seems to have low resolution (pixalated) textures applied to it. This is really apparent when they are holding a pistol and you can clearly see that the hands have some really low resolution textures.

-Fl4k’s loader pet cannot be renamed

-Fl4k’s loader pet skins only applying correctly in the menu, in game they are totally not the same.

-In Ellie’s garage on Sanctuary III from the collectable vehicle parts the barbed wheels is incorrectly named “monster wheels”. The description is correctly represents the “barbed wheels” description, however the name is incorrect.

-While Zane’s digiclone action skill is active, the yellow action bar has a weird “pixel” in it’s corner (this was not in the original version) makes you think you have a dead/stuck pixel on your monitor.

-Fl4k’s fade away skill makes tediore guns stay invisible. You have to quit the game to have that gun reappear normally. (Dropping the gun or reequipping it won’t help)

-Crimson radios switch back to their original COV station once you leave the area and return.

-4th skill tree class mods comparison popup shows incorrect colors when you have the 4th skill tree mod equipped (they will be shown in blue color, yet they should be purple)

-Vladof bipod stand extension animation is a bit jerky

-Each time you reenter covenant pass the echo device boot up animation is triggered

-Amara’s arm in the action skill menu doesn’t represent the elemental she is currently using (poison, flame etc…, it will always be electric while in game her arm is colored based on the elemental skill currently equipped)

Yeah, these are not game braking bugs, but still they should be taken care of.
Apart from the HUD scaling since my relative has eye problems and now she cannot increase the HUD to be bigger, so she no longer plays the game…:frowning:


Did you by any chance have the final form skin equipped? I think for some reason the cape is coded as a physical part of the skin, which will collide with the terrain. This will also cause odd noises.

Atleast that is what it seemed to me.


No, default skin with the wristwatch. Even tried unequipping everything like mods, shield etc to make sure its not that. No it didn’t help.


Good thing the game is fun enough for you to find these bugs… Gg op

yes, Despite the bugs I really think that they really nailed the 3rd one. For me everything came together.

If only they didn’t ruin it (somewhat) with these bugs. Most of these were introduced with later patches/addons. Mostly after the 2nd addon.

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I think this was fixed again in the last update! :smiley:

If they fix this then it would be impossible for some players to get the Vibra-Pulse gun. You can complete the crimson radios challenge without getting it (it’s random), so this “bug” actually lets you get the gun if you switch more radios until you get the mail with the gun (it also allows you to get it for higher levels if you got it without max level).

Yes, that was reported by a couple of people (backpack icon) I just submitted that one as well to increase the number of times it was reported. I kinda knew it that they will fix it since it was a real no-brainer to fix since a year ago they already introduced this bug and then they fixed it, now a year later they were able to introduce it once more :smiley:

So the crimson radio stuff is bugged that you don’t get the gun in your mail, and then with this bug I was able to identify you can “undo” the initial bug? :smiley: O M G