Bugs in BL2VR for PC

In this thread I want to list some bugs that could hopefully be fixed. I’ll try to avoid actual new features, there are already threads covering those. Just existing features with obvious issues.

  1. The view sometimes rapidly switches back and forth between two positions when walking on top of a sloped surface, or walking into a sloping object.

  2. Axton’s turret, after getting the rocket upgrade, causes stuttering. Maybe this is system dependent, but I haven’t had performance issues in any other situation. Maybe the effects could be toned down to bring performance in line with the rest of the game. Without the rockets it was fine.

  3. View centering - often when you get in a vehicle you will be facing the wrong way and/or in the wrong position. And videos often play behind you. Maybe this is getting into new feature territory, but a simple “recenter view” button would fix it.

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Don’t forget the monitor view for people not wearing a headset or streamers. Why would people watching the pc or watching your stream want to see that dual lens tunnel vision view? Every other VR game has done it right so far, except BL2VR…

Oh, and ducking!!! Why would you make it a button press?!? This is VR, MAKE US DUCK!

Should we even begin to touch on teleportation being wonkey as hell and the lack of a jump button?

There’s a duck button? I don’t think I’ve seen that in the controls, and physically ducking seems to work.

There is no duck button as far as I know. But you can actually play seated with a joypad, maybe the joypad control layout has a duck button.
As far as streaming is concerned, try enabling the SteamVR mirror view. That should look good as a stream.

My rift s isn’t ducking when I duck, odd. now im gonna have to re calibrate and see if that solves the ducking issue.

Thank you for rhe steamvr mirror view, I’ll have to check that later, right now it looks like this on the main pc screen: [OO]

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