Bugs/Issues 2016

Mission 2: I’m required to send a salvage team to gather the mission recorder from the Khar-Selim. I’ve sent several, but they just dock with the K-S, then return to the mothership. The quest never updates or continues.

Also…I think I read in the notes that ships will no longer chase enemies that are too fast. Well, now corvettes just sit in space, motionless, while waiting for the enemy fighters to come back to them. While they are parked, they are getting shot up by other enemies. Not such a big deal when we’re talking about these low-class fighters, but that’s going to be a problem in later missions.

edit Yes I’ve tried all of the formations

Smaller issue…does anyone else notice that harvesters will sometimes just stop and return to formation with the mothership, even though there are clearly more resources to be gathered?

Are those ressources in their field of view ? I’m not sure but I think they continue harvesting only if they still “see” some ressources (it prevents harvester to go in enemy territory for example)

There are a couple of threads for this already. Try this one.


Well I made it to the next couple missions, and sure enough, corvettes just sit around and get shot no matter the setting used. I don’t understand the reasoning here. They have turrets! They don’t need to float in place, they can move and shoot at the same time! I know this…because that’s exactly what they used to do!

So many of these threads. Le sigh. Would really like some engagement from developers.