Bugs I've came across so far

Jabberwak won’t fully come back to life after fake dying. Will stand back up after a moment then just freeze and turn somewhat blurry as if he is vibrating in place.

The first Anointed boss u come across in the theater used his teleport while behind some furniture and got stuck endlessly trying to teleport had to quit and reload the fight to continue.


Viewing items at top or bottom of list weather in bank or stash will often flicker and i can’t read what it says and have to scroll back and forth a couple times to get it so i can read.

The zero bounty in the Tazendeer Ruins I can’t kill Atomic. i was able to kill synestro but when i used a snipper to 1 shot atomic by crit on his backpack he has no health but won’t die. I was able to fix by quiting game and reloading.

Came across another one while in ascension bluff. Was coming back after finishing main story to do side quests and i had opened the door to by shooting the hanging target for one of the 3 items needed on Pandora’s next mouth piece quest. Went and started the quest came back to get the item and ellie started saying “look around maybe you can shut off the power somehow” Thing is i had already done it and now she keeps saying it on a loop even after i have got the 3 items needed for the quest.

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I have the same problem. How do i solve it?

which one you have also?

i freeze up n can’t move when I load ruins I have to quit n reload n still freezes sad game need to be fix on Xbox one