Bugs) Lost all my bank storage and all my fast travels from the co-op. Input lag

Three things. 1. Input Lag. I was told this would feel like a great, responsive shooter. The input lag makes it feel nothing like this. 2. I was playing co-op and when I was done, I went to my game. When I got in, all my fast travel points we’re gone. Thankfully I could use the drop pod. 3. Also after co-op, everything in my bank was gone. That being super deluxe edition stuff, pre-order gear and weapons I found in-game. I love Borderlands 3, but I am afraid to do anything because I don’t know what I will lose next. I play as Moze, so is there any way I can get my special weapons and gear back? I wish it was as safe and clean as BL2. I believe this can be fixed, but it is disappointing. I wish I could play my favorite game and fully enjoy it. You got this, Gearbox!

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