[Bugs] Megathread

After four ours playing i found a few bugs.

System: PS4 Pro
Region: Germany
Edition: Digital Super Deluxe
TV: 4K Samsung Qled

1: At Level 5 i opened the Skill Menu and No Controller Input worked. So i closed the Game (the Controller worked in the PS4 Menu) and restarted Borderlands. After loading i opened the Skill Menu and had the Same issue. So i closed Borderlands again restarted it an played a few minutes. Then i opened the Skill Menu again and everythings works fine.

2: switched from graphical “Performance” settings to “quality”, turned my PS off dir a Shirt break. When i’m Back again in Game some of the Skill Pics won’t load. So i switched Back to “Performance” but this didn’t helped.

3: with graphical settings “quality” the framerate is not very fine. I don’t believe that this are 30 frames.

Sorry If my english is not the best. So hope this helps an thanks for this great Game.

Please Guys If you found more Bugs Post it Here for the devs.