Bugs, or inconsistencies?

Could anyone clear these up for me? Maybe I’m just not getting it.
It seems like a lot of weirdness is going on in the skill trees of Amara.

Arms Deal doesn’t do anything for Tandava. Is this intended? Seems counter intuitive.

Samsara acts really weird. Deliverance projectiles don’t seem to activate it, yet at the same time I’m sometimes able to gain 3 stacks on a single target. Fracture activates it only sometimes. Tandava often doesn’t activate it at all, despite damaging multiple enemies. Phaseslam seems to work really good and consistently.

Remnant doesn’t seem to activate when it should. Firstly, is there a cooldown preventing multiple charges being generated? And sometimes, it straight up doesn’t appear at all.

Reverbaration seems to apply 50% damage bonus even to the very first enemy. Is this intended?

The Eternal Fist acts very strangely sometimes. Even when there are enemies near me, it will sometimes not jump to another. Even when there are enemies right in front of me, it will sometimes jump to an enemy who’s not even in my line of sight.

Allure works really weird with Phaseslam. Not sure if at all.


I think most of the things you describe are covered here?

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Wow, thanks. That’s quite a list.

Amara has been ignored due to her “power” over the course of the holidays. With having 12 action skills you would assume her passive skills would be more standardized to make cross tree combinations more straightforward. Instead she seems complex and ridged when in reality the ridgedness comes from the sheer number of bugs she has.

The game undercooked state is likely the reason they have yet to address really any of her skill bugs. Amara also has several poorly thought out action skills that simply don’t measure up to the alternatives. For example basic Phaseslam is really the only good action skill in the green tree in that tree once you hit level 50.

I hope the next patch at minimum addresses the problem with Remenent. I’m sick of it deactivating during the Slaughter Shaft. It slows down the speed at which I can finish a run tremendously.