Bugs still bugged

It’s mon 4th nov 2019. And despite numerous patches and hot fixes I’m still having issues with several bugs. Firstly the marking things as favourites and trash not working outside of vendors was annoying, now with multiple characters backpacks and banks full to the brim, it’s actually becoming a detriment to gameplay as I can’t effectively manage inventory. Secondly and probably more important is the location name bug, which I thought would be fixed by now is still happening, and yes I’ve tried the slab in tannis lab with no success. Just checking if anyone else is still having these issues and if there is any info on when these specific bugs will be fixed. Also, can Gearbox stop listing the update patch history on PS4 as “bug fixes” and no further information, this is extremely annoying and having to try snd find patch notes online when there is a perfectly good feature built in for PS4 unused is annoying too, I’ve played multiple games with patches and all of them list the actual improvements and bug fixes in detail apart from borderlands 3.