Bugs that have probably been reported already but concern me nonetheless


I know this game will always be a bugfest but recently its been getting out of hand.
I’ve done multiple maliwan takedown runs on M10 where some of the drops are on M10 level and others are not. I’ve tried reloading the game and playing on different characters but the problem persists. I had the same problem when I got to farming the Warden an hour later; some drops where on M10 level and others were not.
Also a suggestion would be to add some sort of label or indication to the weapon cards to see from what Mayhem level they’re from.

The game crashes more often than ever before since the mayhem 2.0 update. The machine I’m running it on its the best anymore but I’ve heard my friends complaining about it too.

One of my Moze builds is currently unplayable cuz (apparently) mindsweeper instantly downs yourself, which happens too often.
I ran into a repeating bug where sometimes Gamma burst would instantly end the moment it was casted, meaning any effects while gamma burst is active won’t trigger while still putting the skill on cooldown. I have no idea what causes this.
And also in multiplayer people are able to teamkill with the Backburner.

And theres the things where Eista and some other bosses, quests or vending machines don’t reward you with M10 loot.

Most of these things are probably known already but I just wanted to voice my concerns so gearbox can hopefully do something about them cuz I love this game and wanna keep playing it. :grinning:

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You’re right about these issues. Loot sources that aren’t enemies don’t drop appropriately leveled items in Mayhem.

I hadn’t heard that about Eista before; was one of your modifiers lootsplosion by any chance? Gear dropped in a lootsplosion is another known source of non-Mayhem drops.