Bugs with melee Battleborn basic attacks

I’m not too sure if this should be place here, but I have been encountering bugs when I play the melee characters; specifically the assassin class ones. I’ve been noticing that when I am playing characters such as Deande and Phoebe, that some of their basic attacks seem to not register. No damage numbers float of the enemies and my controller doesn’t rumble denoting I’ve successfully landed and attack. I also know that I am close enough to be landing them. I don’t believe it’s a lag issue on my end as I’ve noticed this over the course of last week. I’m not sure if anyone has been having the same problem or not.

Are you 100% sure you’re landing the attacks? I haven’t much experience with Deande, but I can tell you with certainty that Phoebe’s basic attacks are surprisingly difficult to land and require pretty precise aim, especially against smaller characters like Thorn and Orendi.

I don’t have much experience with them in PvP since I feel melee assassins are grossly underpowered except for Rath so I can’t say much on that, but the times I’ve noticed were against mobs. The last one I can remember was about 2 hours ago where I had a Varelsi Channeler cornered and they weren’t able to move since I had blocked them in. Half my attack seemed to not land when I was standing at point blank range. It makes since with Phoebe due to how her attack goes so I guess it could mean I’m just really bad with her but I’ve had Deande since Command level 14 and I’m now CL 33 with better gear and understanding of the game. Ive almost solely played her since I’ve gotten her and I don’t think I would have gotten worse with her since I’ve started playing her. Lol. Who know maybe I did.