BUILD: 1st Time Pistol Build

I’m finally getting around to doing this. I’d like Advice, Links, Recs for a build that won’t include Rogue. Except for a few points put in Fast Hands. As BloodWing is not coming along for this build. Grenades will not be used unless I have no other choice. Like I’m about to die, etc. They will not be used as an offensive weapon.

My Main type of pistols I like to use are Scoped Elementals, Machine Pistols, Elementals(Slag included), and 1 Heavy Duty pistol. One of each element for each occasion. The weapons will not be manufacturer specific. The #1 In-Hand will be a Fire Pistol. #2 A MP. #3 & 4 will be whatever is Mission Appropriate.

As for Mods? Survivor and GunSlinger, GunFighter, and Ranger. Plus Mods for the Elementals too.
Shields will be anything I feel is appropriate. Advice Welcome.

As for the DLC, I’m leaning toward Vanilla only. With forays into the dlc for a rare, or powerful pistol that I can’t get in the vanilla.

As for the game itself. Will be mostly Main Mission. With some side quest where the loot will be helpful To/For my build.

Thanks for reading my post and your consideration.

I feel like this has been asked not too long ago. “I want to play Mordecai, but I don’t want to snipe and I don’t want to use Bloodwing.”

Anyways, BL1 builds are pretty simple, there aren’t a lot of skills that sound really good but end up being crap.

I’d go for something like this to start you off with. These skills are the core of any pistol Mordecai. I would recommend Killer Strike. It’s surprisingly good and very satisfying to use.
I can’t say the same for Riotous Remedy. At 5/5 it can heal up to 15% of your HP over time. But often it’ll heal 3%, or 5%, or 10%. The “up to” is the important part. It’s pretty solid for long distance sniping, but for close range combat it’s just too inconsistent.

You could also dip into Sniper tree and pick up Focus and Killer. You won’t really want anything else from Sniper, everything else is for snipers and BWing. Killer is also a big core of any gun Mordecai build, a very good killskill.

So at this point you’d be around Lv. 45 and you’ve pretty much got everything you need to shoot. You still have almost 30 points left though at Lv69, so you sorta have to spec into BWing unless you plan on not spending any more points. If you want to avoid overusing the bird, all you have to do is avoid Bird of Prey. That’s the skill that turns BWing from a good utility skill into a room clearing monster.

BWing still has plenty of utility though that shouldn’t be ignored, namely Out for Blood. Daze is a wonderful debuff too, and you really don’t have anywhere else to put the points.

My “minimal-BW pistol Mordecai” build would look something like this.

If I absolutely refused to ever use BW, I guess I’d run this. Only difference is moving some points to Tresspass so I can pick up a small 5% more bullet damage.


Thank You for the Great Tips and Advice.

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My guide to the Gunslinger com is in this subforum if you want my take on a pistol build.