[Build] 4P0C47YP53 - A FL4K Build (MH3 / TVHM)

Hey Guys!

I recently posted a build which in my mind was fairly decent for end-game content, however, after reviewing it and making a few changes, I am happy and satisfied with what I have created and shuffled around, rather than editing the original post I made, I’ve decided that a new post would be better as a few skill additions and shuffles were made, rendering it fairly different as a result.

So what is the build exactly? It’s mostly a High DPS / Glass Cannon build for FL4K meant for mobbing and boss takedowns, I am still making some adjustments to gear and will rectify any further changes on this post. I will also write down any Pros and Cons I can think of when they come to fruition, but for right now, this is what I have made.

4P0C47YP53 Build Links:

4P0C47YP53 Build Calculator
4P0C47YP53 Reddit Thread

4P0C47YP53 Video Links:

4P0C47YP53 Video Showcase (OD)
4P0C47YP53 Athenas Video Showcase (OD)
4P0C47YP53 Trial of Survival Video Showcase


  • High DPS Output.
  • High AOE Damage.
  • Fast Movement Speed.
  • Invisibility.
  • Passive Health Regeneration.


  • Glass Cannon (Squishy).
  • Pet Downtime (Dies fairly often).
  • Gear Reliant.
  • Damage comes from Fade Away.


  • Shock Weapon (Still testing for good results).

Gear Notes:

  • Rowen’s Call - Unlimited Ammo during Fade Away, Ricochet Bullets and Fire Damage will decimate everything, unlike the King’s Call, Rowen’s Call usually bounces bullets to other targets as they do not tend to home in and return to the same enemy you are attacking.

  • Speedloadn’ Hellwalker - Provides Knockback, Ricochet Bullets, Fire Damage and good against single target bosses, you’ll want either the Hellwalker with Status Effect and Damage, or the reduced Recoil anointment that prevents kick in Fade-Away.

  • King’s Call - King’s call is another weapon that will compliment Fade Away nicely due to the return of bullets during critical hits, the damage provided is desirable, bullets will also ricochet like any other Jakob’s weapon, only this one has three projectiles that usually bounce to the same target.

  • Flakker - In my experience, Flakker (and its variants) provide good splash damage which can help with Last Stand and bursting down mobs quickly.

  • Cloning Hex - Reduces your action skill cooldown as it occasionally crits targets, these also passively deal DPS in splits of several projectiles, you sacrifice CC in order to build back your Fade Away, but generally worth it, a Shock Cloning Hex is ideal.

  • Otto Idol - Otto Idol is a great Artifact simply for the health return upon killing an enemy, and with this build, you will be killing enemies fairly often, so you should be getting a nice boost of health whenever you score a kill. If you’re lucky enough to roll a Last Stand prefix on the Relic, you have a nice buffer to ensure you stay alive longer thanks to the invulnerability window.

  • Stop-Gap - Stop-Gap is a shield that is desired because, like the Final Stand prefix, it provides a buffer-window, only this one is to the shield rather than health. The invulnerability window allows you to build back any lost shield power by collecting the boosters that drop on the floor, for this reason, I’d suggest finding a Stop-Gap that drops Shield Boosts as opposed to other types of boosts it can drop.

Honorary Mentions:

  • Breath of the Dying - Have been trying out BotD for a couple of hours and it seems to shred through basic mobs without much of an issue, the plus with BotD is that on kill, a series of your chosen element will be shot out in a circle around the enemy killed, the projectiles will then hit nearby enemies. It becomes a beast in Fade Away and will usually take care of anything with armor and health without any issues, for this reason, I’d recommend trying it out as something for general use. Corrosive is a great element for this.

  • Night Hawkin - Another great SMG for general mobbing and quick kills, the Night Hawkin boasts what seems to be two elements while it’s being shot, from what I can gather both Incendiary and Cryo damage is applied on hit, though further testing may be required to confirm this, again, another accurate and useful tool for the build.

Any recommendations, changes and suggestions are welcomed, as Borderlands 3 is still relatively fresh, a few legendary pieces are still unknown and will take a while to figure out which is BOS for certain areas.



Changed out a few of the weapons and the grenade for much greater DPS potential.


  • Added a showcase video for a boss battle, please do not look if you want to avoid spoilers.
  • Small readjustments to skill tree, removed Master Tree completely as results were not worth it.
  • Added Two F4ng to the list of skills.
  • Added Sustain Artifact (Still testing).
  • Updated Class Mod.

17/09/2019 - 19:00 BST

  • Dropped four points from ‘Second Intention’ and added two to ‘The Most Dangerous Game’, one to ‘Galactic Shadow’ and an additional to ‘Grim Harvest’ to squeeze out a tiny bit more DPS.

Are there any relicts with “Health Leech” in the game? I only found relicts with +x% max health restored on kill (like the one in your images) or relicts with some static health regeneration.

some more weapon suggestions - don’t know if you have considered them:

Lucians Call: Vladof Assault Rifle, regens and ricoshets 2 bullets on crit as the Rowens Call. But I don’t have a Level 50 version for comparision.

Po’s Rifle: Jakobs Assault Rifle, no ammo regen or full auto but ricoshets 3 bullets on crit. I think I got it as a quest reward. Also no Level 50 version for comparision.

Gatling Gun: Jakobs Assault Rifle with full auto mode, almost on same level as the Shredifier. My Level 50 version has 809 damage at 12.71 firerate. And as it is Jakobs it ricoshets on crit.

I’m still farming for a good Night Hawkin with full auto mode (as in your screenshot). The last five drops where all burst + singleshot.

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Hi Tommy,

For clarification, the Rowen’s Call doesn’t provide ammo regeneration and this simply comes from Leave No Trace, however, Rowen’s Call is a Jakobs Rifle and two Jakobs weapons are featured in this build. The majority of the weapons in this are as a whole interchangeable, I would recommend keeping the Hellwalker in an available slot though.

I have found the Flakker to be potent against certain bosses and mobs.

I have been meaning to try out both the Queen and King Call revolvers as I’ve heard some positive feedback with Fl4k and the weapon(s) so will be giving them a try once I manage to farm one successfully, this may also turn out to be mandatory depending on how well it performs.

From what I’ve seen so far, I haven’t found any artifacts with Health Leech, if they do exist, it’ll compliment the build well too, but will need to find out in the future and update the post if I obtain anything viable.

Rowen’s call so far is the better Assault Rifle and I believe it may be a signature weapon which is just slightly better than another Legendary Jakob Assault Rifle which features the same shape, weapon firing animation and general performance, the difference is the damage increase and added fire element.

I do appreciate the feedback and suggestions, and will take a look at the others you have listed to see how well they stack up for sure, so thank you for your input on that!

All the best.

With ammo regeneration I meant this: “Critical hits return 2 bullets to your magazine”

The Rowen’s Call has no fixed element. I have found one without element and one with radiation.

Ahh, right you are! I managed to overlook this and Rowen’s Call with Fire Element is the only one I’ve found myself, so I’m happy to hear they have different varieties too.

I found a Level 50 Lucien’s Call with fire element. It has 368 damage at 10.67 firerate and 60 magsize. So the damage is compareable with yours (a little bit lower), but Luciens Call can build up Furious Attack faster and works better for Head Count and the Watcher rank ability that increases your damage per hit.


  • Added Flakker to the build.
  • Added King’s Call to the build.
  • Adjusted Artifact for sustain during combat, the invulnerability window helps out greatly.
  • General format adjustments, text font and item placement have been shuffled.

Great to hear! Would you mind linking me an image? I’ll keep my eyes out for a decent Luciens Call to compare results.

here the weapons I’m currently testing with (sorry only in german):

Lucien’s Call: regen 2 in magazine and ricoshet 2 times on crit
Gatling Gun: High damage, full auto and ricoshet on crit
Champion: sets on fire on crit
Duc: high damage, ricoshets 2 times on crit and causes a small explosion after hit (also on ricoshet targets)
Butcher: high speed shotgun with high accuracy after a few hits, chance for no ammo cost
Rowan’s Call: regen 2 in magazine and ricoshet 2 times on crit
Flood: Burst fire, shoots the whole mag in one click and ricoshets on crit
Lyuda: high damage and firerate
Shredifier: high fireate, can activate second firemode to shoot twice as much bullets
Warlord: solid accurate AR with 30% chance for no ammo cost
Pa’s Rifle: ricoshets 3 times on crit

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If you’re using the above skills, let me know how you get on with them, I’m also still in the process of trying to find certain weapons with certain elements, however I’ve found the King’s Call to be more than sufficient at clearing – That said, it’s nice to have a few options.

Good info. I’m farming for a better Rowan’s call, current build gives me 72% chance for ammo return. I never reload my rowand.

Got a burning flakker. It’s still really good. Dont get ammo back like a Jacob’s.

I have found life leech mods. I dont use them but they have dropped when I have farmed for legendaries

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Awesome! Hope you’re enjoying FL4K, they have a lot to offer.


First I must level my FL4K to 50 :wink:
As seen on the screenshot my first character was Moze. She is also the character I used for farming.

Ah cool, then I will continue farming and searching for it. For FL4K I will take a relict with immunity when below 50% health, but for my Moze low life shield build a leech relict would be nice (if it works). She is running the Bloodletter Legendary Classmod that applies all healing to shield and I want to know if leech does count for that.


  • Removed ‘Self-Repairing System’ from build.
  • Removed ‘Second Intention’ from build.
  • Added another point of ‘Leave No Trace’ to build.
  • Added two points of ‘Turn Tail and Run’ to build.
  • Temporarily added the Grenade Mod ‘MIRV Hex’ with the Shock Element to the build, this will be changed to ‘Cloning Hex’ with the Shock Element once I find one.

19/09/2019 - 19:20BST

  • Added Stop-Gap shield to build.

Hey Crisis, here’s a link to the FL4K build calculator so you don’t have to take screenshots everytime you change something. :wink:

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Thanks Gulf! I like having my own little sheet for easy reference, but may consider adding a Build Calculator to the thread too :slight_smile:

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I had luck and also found a fire element Rowen’s Call, but with higher damage and annoited with +50% bonus fire damage for next two magazines after action skill ends:

In comparision to my Lucien’s Call the damage of the weapon itself is almost the same. Lucien’s Call feels a little better because of the higher accuracy and lower recoil. But the annoited effect on my Rowen’s Call make the difference here. In theory the annoited effect should be permanent as I don’t reload the weapon - so its still the same magazine. But I have to test if it works that way.

… or a Homing Shock MIRV Hex:

btw. I still haven’t found any leech relics … not sure if they really exist

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