[Build] 4SS4SS4SSIN – Melee FL4K!

Maybe it’s best to go all the way to megavore just for the hunter seeker? You would extra damage and survivability of pack tactics, but would gain a much faster recharge ratefrom megavore, along with +3 points in Big game and interplanetary stalker.

Also, that makes sense regarding the SnowShoe. The Frozen Heart might be better though, not sure.

Also, yeah the it’s piss is a nightmare to farm, and the stinger is wayyyy too good lol

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Hunter Seeker can crit w/o Megavore as can Hex by the way.

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As the build focus on melee and melee dot, I don’t know if it is really worth to go as far as megavore, I d have to spend points on a number of skills that are not really useful for this build. Big game is useful but I get it via com ( cosmic or thrillbot). Cooldown is not really a problem imo as I use not my circus and can still attack for a while.

Initially I did a megavore version for dot detonation but it is a bit unreliable with hunter seeker, but I d give it another go once I got the hang of this.

Snowshoe is better than frozen heart because of the redcard (empty shield with slide attack) which is perfect for fade away tactic.

here my last setup (a bit different than the video before)

Class mod is not perfect but currently the best I have, still looking for cosmic stalker with 3 big game 3 stalker and melee perk


That is true. There is not much you would get from doing down this far. Esp., since you already have a boost to Big Game from your com.
Still, I think a Hunter-Seeker with Headcount (which you also have) would decrease your AS downtime quite a bit. There are some moments where you kind of “hide” or try to crit with the Stabber to decrease the cooldown. This could be done faster with the Hunter-Seeker and increase the smoothness of the flow, I think.
Try to find one with OGT anoint and your good to go. If you don’t like it, try to find a It’s piss with OGT. This will give you a nice and reliable bonus to your melee dmg.


I thought that hunter seeker only crit with megavore but if it is not the case then it will certainly ease things just to equip one

No. it can naturally crit because the dmg from it is gun dmg. A hex can also naturally crit. So you have some tools at your disposal.
A Hunter Seeker is really a great utility tool for Fl4k and has quite some dmg to it since the latest buff to it. Unless your going Punchbot (Face-puncher + St4ckbot stack abuse which the HS grenade resets) you can recklessly make use of it. :slight_smile:

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And since I just saw that: Yeah, a Cosmic Stalker will increase your melee dmg also since it increases all hunt skills and IPS v1 dmg portion. That is for mobbing of course.
If you want to got bossing, a Bounty Hunter - also with the Hunter-Seeker - can trigger all of your hunt skills so you start off the fight stronger than with a Stalker which benefits you might not get unless there are adds to kill around.


Yeah you had the exact same thought process I did. I’m going to try to farm for a low level hunter seeker with OGT and try the build myself.
(It has to be low leveled so I don’t accidently drop enemies health to below 90%)

My current idea for the melee build:
Psycho stabber with 300/90 and unleash the dragon

Cosmic stalker/bounty hunter

Low level hunter seeker with OGT 25% (And going down red tree instead of blue)

For normal mobbing: ASS frozen heart
For Maliwan takedown (and maybe slaughter shaffs): Back Ham with Terror bullet deflection and melee terror face puncher

If you’re going Face-Puncher anyway, go for Lazydatas Punchbot with Terror mixed in.
FP with 70% cryo dmg when terrified, Stackbot (stacking via Bangstick in 3 shot Fade), generate terror on grenade, ammo regen on cryo old god.
Of course that kills the ‘true melee’ feeling but makes up for it in pure 0wnage of every piece of content.
And a Knife drain static charge/white elephant is needed as well.

Of course, the Frozen Heart with ASS anoint and a Stabber with 300>90 and a UtD artifact will kill the slaughters, too. Albeit a bit squishy. Carry a Urad Face-Puncher for when you go down.

Alrighty, after a bit of research, I’ve come up with two main melee builds. These are actually melee builds, not face puncher cheese, lol. Literally all of the weapons and grenades can be level 1 by the way.

Build 1:
Psycho stabber w/ 300/90
Psycho stabber w/ Terror Cryo
Face puncher w/ Urad
Low level brainstormer

Frozen Heart w/ ASS
Low leveled Hunter seeker w/ Melee Terror 25%
Cosmic stalker/Bounty Hunter/Rakk pack
Unleash the dragon

How this build works is slightly complicated. Of course, it begins with you going into fade away. Because the frozen heart will bring enemies below 90% health, you switch to the face puncher, and shoot the enemy twice. This gives you terror because of your grenade. Then, you switch to the psycho stabber with terror cryo and stab all the frozen enemies. After that, you use the 300/90% psycho stabber on all the enemies that haven’t been damaged yet.

When you exit fade away, you use the combination of the low level brainstormer and the hunter seeker to recharge fade away blisteringly fast. Rince and repeat.

Face puncher has urad for second winds (Using it while not in ffyl is cheating)

Build 2:
Psycho stabber w/ 300/90
Psycho stabber w/ Terror Cryo
Face puncher w/ Urad
Unforgiven w/ Terror Cryo

Back Ham w/ Terror bullet Deflection
Low leveled Hunter seeker w/ Melee Terror
Cosmic stalker/Bounty Hunter/Rakk pack
Unleash the dragon

This one is even weirder, so here me out. For the most part, it’s the same, with the brainstormer and the shield being different. The combination of the Back Ham w/ Terror bullet Deflection and the Unforgiven w/ Terror Cryo can actually murder enemies that shoot at you. This is because the reflected enemy bullets get both the unforgiven’s crit and cryo damage. So, that’s what you do when out of fade away, along with using the hunter seeker of course. Probably better for the maliwan takedown and whatnot.

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Intersting I did not know you could actually make bullet reflection works.

Concerning the 300vs 90 I don t think it is worth to go to such lengths just to avoid some enemies dropping below 90 though in my version is much less a concern with the snowshoe as I control against who I use it. There is so much things going on for you with ground breaker ,overkill and all Fl4k bonus that only enemies posing problems are the dot immune or fire resistant.

That’s fair. Maybe I should use a frozen snowshoe/frozen heart with something else instead of ASS? Not sure.

I think I was basing my build off of the takedowns, which I think is a bit silly in hindsight.

I almost finished the true maliwan takedown even with my imperfect version. I think this build can go very far with the optimal gear.

And you did this with just 2 points in Hunter’s Eye, right?
Since the bonus to armor dmg is v2 and active against robots, except Wotan I think as he does not count for whatever reason.
How did you stay alive when going UtD?

Yes 2 points which were here mostly to grab the scorcher. That was one thing I wondered does hunter eye increases damage from el dragon dot? and how much ? If that is the case it could be worth having more points because the dog robot badasses are a bit difficult to destroy.

I am sorry what does Utd mean?
Generally speaking I survive with pet revive, though I have to be careful with not my circus taking priority last time I got a bit cocky and died on the bridge because I rushed during pet taunt

UtD = Unleash the Dragon artifact. That creates an insane fire dot but does nothing for survival. That’s why I asked how you managed to stay alive on something like the bridge.

On Hunter’s Eye:
With 5/5 it should increase your damage against robots that have armor by 30%. I haven’t tested it myself but since this is the v2 multiplier (same category as 300 over 90, Hidden Machine, De4deye) it should work.
And it is a Hunter Skill but that’s not listed on the card. So it gets boosted by Big Game and the Stalker COM by up to 85%, which would make Hunter’s Eyes 55,5%.

But it does not seem to work on Wotan (like never working) and does not seem to work on bosses per se. You’ll need a Bounty Hunter COM that conveniently buffs it as well. But that might give up on the identity of your build … Though you could use a Hunter-Seeker grenade with the Bounty Hunter and stack Interplanetary Stalker with it before you engage the enemy or while in Fade Away as an added bonus.

For more info, see @Ratore Fl4k damage formula thread:

or @Darreltan Fl4k skill rating thread:

He wrote:
“Hunter’s Eye also doesn’t conventionally apply to bosses. When paired with a Bounty Hunter against bosses, Hunter’s Eye becomes a top-tier skill - the Armor Damage bonus applies to all bosses and to all health-bar types, giving a huge amount of V2 damage.”
So with the Bounty Hunter it also applies to shields, armor and flesh bars of your enemies and buffs the DOT of the UtD as well.


Interesting, thanks for the information.
I should find a way to deal with badasses dogs.
I ll do some testing.

I also happen to have this:

Yeah, try it out. The COM doesn’t do too too much outside of giving you a melee bonus and the v2 bonus against bosses and robots. But it might be enough to tackle the true Maliwan takedown with your build. :slight_smile:

Hunter’s Eye does work on Wotan by the way, and any bosses that apply to the categories. What Bounty Hunter does is turn any boss into both an “armored” robot and a human, which means you get the boost on them vs. any type of bar.


Dang! Thank you for correcting that. It seems this error is holding up and I helped it by not testing it myself before copy/pasting it into this thread!

Glad you’re still around!

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