[Build] 4SS4SS4SSIN – Melee FL4K!

@kabflash I’m going to assume you or someone you know may be able to assist somehow. Or maybe point OP in the direction of someone who can help.

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Seems like most shields with depleted bonuses in the game are broken, the Band of Sitorak is a currently well known example. GBX supposedly fixed this ■■■■ a long time ago but apparently only on a few shields and their fix broke everything else. It resets once it hits a max for whatever reason it will only stack so high.


Adding to the above: the Ward was one of the shields “fixed” in the patch awhile ago, but you could still stack the depletion effects by uhhhh killing yourself a lot. AFAIK it’s not possible to stack its buffs by depleting the shield repeatedly anymore, but maybe it’s different on the training dummy, or something in recent hotfixes rolled back the fix, idk.

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This explains a lot about a build I was working on, I did not know BoS was glitched…I feel dirty now.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Yeah I’m baffled by this because it definitely seems to be stacking on the test dummy… I got it to stack repeatedly by letting my shield recharge fully in between breaking it and my melee numbers got really high. If I’m more erratic about when I grenade myself, it seems to reset, but I can’t figure out the pattern for that yet. I just tested it again and I got to hitting for like ~400k vs the target dummy before it reset on its own.

This sucks. D: Some of the most fun I’ve had in the game has been playing melee FL4K. I really want this shield to work properly and not stack. Guess I’ll submit a support ticket. I’d heard about this shield glitching out before but thought it was fixed and had assumed it was working, and I’ve tested vs the target dummy in the past and feel like I would have noticed if it was always doing this, although heck maybe I really was just like incredibly unobservant. I’m wondering if it was fixed for a while but recently broke again or what. I did notice on a long Freddie farming session recently that my melee damage seemed to be randomly glitching out and getting really high before resetting back to normal, like something felt like it was going very weird. This would explain that.

Going to do some Athenas runs and see if I notice my damage numbers being weird and going up a lot.

I spent way too much time farming low-level anointed Ward shields over the last few days. :joy: I was all excited to test them and come back to working on this build more, and now I’m just like “oh nooooo”.

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Huh, okay, I just ran Athenas and the good news at least is that things… seemed to be more consistent there? It’s hard to tell for sure because FL4K’s melee damage numbers fluctuate a lot based on stacks and kill skills and other things, but it seemed like my base melee damage numbers were staying in the 20-60k range which feels pretty normal and not escalating to huge numbers like it did on the target dummy. I definitely didn’t seem to have more damage at the end of the map than when I started. Phew. Okay, the build is not totally messed up.

Got some video of my melee FL4K doing M4 Athenas! Uploading.

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All shield that give bonuses on break stack, its a broken mechanic rn why zane uses sitorak shield. It caps at like 5-6 then resets to 1

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Luckily it seemed like something was resetting it when I was actually out fighting things, I was trying to pay attention to my melee numbers and they didn’t seem to be going up anywhere near as high as they did vs the test dummy, and I was breaking my shield all the time. Something is definitely weird with the Ward shield though. Submitted a support ticket with my video of it stacking vs the test dummy.

Got some video of my melee FL4K build vs M4 Athenas while I was out trying to test this! :smiley:

Not a perfect run but it was fun. This really is my fav FL4K build. Is it the best FL4K build? Heck no. It’s kinda silly. But it actually works pretty decently at M4!

I need to edit my build post, made a few changes to it, especially since pets are just… really not killing things at M4. I show my current build/gear at about 13:20.

The highlight of the run is at about 18:00, my jabber tried so damn hard to kill this 1 Maliwan Guy and uhhhh. He did his best.

I mostly play co-op and this build is ridiculously fun if you have a friend playing a cryo build. :smiley: Can just run around smashing everything.

I definitely don’t have optimal gear yet. It’s so hard to find good rolls on things. If anybody out there is on PC and has a Knife Drain Commander Planetoid, DE4DEYE, or Cosmic Stalker com with rolls for bonus melee and action skill cooldown and you’d be willing to trade, hit me up.

I didn’t realize until this video just how much my Zane contributes to your momentum. Just by virtue of holding aggro so you don’t have to run all the way back to re-Fade.

Also, I see you saw what I meant about Traunt’s crit spot!

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Yep! :smiley: When playing co-op with your cryo Zane it’s a game of “run around and smash frozen enemies as fast as I can”, and a lot of the time I don’t even have to worry about if I’m invisible or not. This was actually the first time I’d played melee FL4K solo in a while, and like… I do fine against not-frozen enemies, I still have enough damage to do fine on M4, but I spent a looooottt of time wishing I had rolls for +cooldown on my class mod or artifact.

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Just updated the main build post with adding the video and some changes I made to the build for M4.

I’m still happy that it seems like the Ward shield isn’t too hopelessly busted. I still have no idea why it was stacking so high vs the target dummy and what gets the stacks to reset.

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Updated the build for level 57! So the cool thing about this level cap increase is we can get 3/3 Big Game now.

I know Big Game and the Cosmic Stalker com are bugged and won’t boost the damage of Interplanetary Stalker, but they do boost the duration which is awesome. Especially at M4 where it takes longer to kill things, being able to keep your stacks up for a long time is really nice.

The Ward glitch is still a thing and it’s super annoying. So it got figured out, if your shield gets broken in one hit any “on depletion” effects will stack. Stacks go away if your shield gets broken in more than one hit. I’ve been working around this lately by using an It’s Piss grenade that breaks my Ward shield in two hits instead of one, and running a com with +6 grenade capacity and a “on action skill start, regenerate 1 grenade” anointment on the It’s Piss so I don’t run out of grenades. The bad news is this is annoying af, the good news is this build works fine and is totally viable at M4 without accidental extra damage from Ward stacking. I realllllly hope this glitch gets patched…


Hey I found something really weird with melee weapons last night and I’m trying to figure out the math!

So the Buttplug is supposed to hit from the front for 110% melee damage and double from the back. CoV guns can spawn with 120% blades, which should hit for slightly more from the front.

I’ve been messing around trying to make a cryo rakk Melee FL4K build that uses the Hydrafrost and other 120% bladed CoV guns. And I was testing some numbers and got super confused because my main Melee FL4K was consistently hitting for higher damage when using the Buttplug, even when hitting from the front.

If I take off my class mod and artifact, both of which have +melee rolls on them, the CoV gun hits for higher damage from the front. But as soon as I put on gear with +melee rolls, the Buttplug starts hitting for higher damage from the front.

Looking at melee math here [Guide] Melee / Face-puncher formulas and analysis and the bladed CoV gun seems to line up pretty well with the math and give the expected numbers. But the Buttplug does not add up and it seems like something about it might be in a different place in the melee formula than the rest of the usual additive melee bonuses (thanks @Prismatic for math idea… been trying to figure out the numbers here, haven’t gotten it to add up yet, but it seems to be on the right track).

Anybody out there know what the math is for the Buttplug? :stuck_out_tongue: Weird Buttplug Math Mystery. Words I never expected to say together.

Also from this it seems like the Buttplug is best melee weapon in the game even when hitting from the front if you’re running other +melee bonuses.

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The elemental splash amounts are different. The Buttplug has a lower amount of radiation splash than the Hydrofrost.

Does melee have V1 and V2 multipliers? Because elemental splash ignores some V2 bonuses, so that might be what the Buttplug does.


Good find. We’ve actually been trying to split the boost on the plug between spots in the formula since the Plug has an abnormal part for melee.





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Buttplug hits more than thr 110 in the card. There is a discussion before in the melee amara forims can’t remember where.


Oh, ■■■■. Nat. We forgot to fill everyone in.

The damage is split between two parts. A fifty and a forty. They’re multiplicative in the formula. And the coms and artifact boosts go into the 40 while the fifty stays on it’s own


@Prismatic and @sammantixbb helped figure it out!

Base melee damage is 18 × 1.09^level

So the Buttplug has two different melee parts if you inspect it, one for 40% melee and one for 50% melee, and they go in different parts of the formula.

If it was one part that did 110% melee, the formula would look like this:

Buttplug-stab-to-front = (18 × 1.09^57) x (1 + 1.10) = 5138

But with two parts, the formula is actually:

Buttplug-stab-to-front = (18 × 1.09^57) x (1 + 0.4) x (1 + 0.5) = 5138

The number for both of these comes out the same with nothing else added in, and does equal a 110% bonus. But when you start to add in other melee boosts, which go into the early part of the formula along with the 0.4, the two formulas give very different numbers and only match in-game numbers when the two-part one is used. And it results in higher damage than expected. :smiley:


It sounds like the Ward shield is finally getting fixed!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

So psyched to try this out without the Ward glitch.