[Build] 999999K Grenade Krieg

I’ve been experimenting with this build for quite a while, and so far it yielded quite the results ; so I decided to share it with y’all !
If the name isn’t clear enough : this build uses grenades to dish out ridiculous amounts of damage, and if played right it has the potential to give Grenade Axton a run for its money under many circumstances.
It’s also without a doubt one of the best Krieg builds you can find in terms of raw effectiveness.

Without further ado, let’s get to the build :

Here is my spec for this build, you can change some things based on your personal preference.
(updated for Level 80)


  • [11/5] Fuel the Blood : this is basically this build’s bread and butter. +220% Grenade Damage and +22 Bloodlust Stacks on a Melee kill is ridiculous. To put into comparison, Axton can pile up +142% Grenade Damage. So yeah … you’re quite OP.

  • [1/1] Bloodsplosion : This is where the magic begins …
    Well known for having the potential to wreck many bosses in a very short amount of time, Bloodsplosion with this build is ridiculously powerful to the point where it can consistently reach the damage cap ! Since the Bloodsplosion Novas are Grenade Damage, Fuel the Blood essentially comes twice into the equation (once in the overkill damage, another time in the actual Bloodsplosion damage), making it NUTS.

  • [10/5] Blood Bath : not only does this skill give you massive gun DPS, but it also provides you with a near-infinite amount of grenades for you to throw, which is a godsend in a Grenade-centred build. Also note that Bloodsplosion kills count towards Grenade kills, which means these will also proc this skill.


  • Evisceration Grog Nozzle / Skewering Kitten : best Slag options for this build. While the Grog Nozzle gives you more reliable Slag, the Kitten can prove to be a devastating weapon up close, setting up Slag Bloodsplosions and therefore slagging even more enemies. Bladed accessory is preferred on both.

  • Baby Maker / Tediore Plasma Caster : Tediore SMGs are the best chucking weapons, and with this Krieg boosting both Magazine Size and Grenade Damage MASSIVELY, they go absolutely crazy. With both of these you can kill a slagged Ultimate Badass with a single reload and set up Raid-killing Bloodsplosions. Bandit Grip and Damage Accessory are preferred.

  • Top Gear : this build makes pretty much every weapon work thanks to Blood Bath, so feel free to use whatever you like to fill your empty slots. See : Krieg Top Gear.


  • Fastball : arguably the best grenade in the game and hands down the best option for this build, generating enough Overkill damage to waste Raid Bosses with Bloodsplosion. It’s also powerful enough to kill enemies without Fuel the Blood active, or harm them enough for you to run to them and finish them off with a couple Melee strikes, activating Fuel the Blood in the process.

  • The Electic Chair / Antifection : the new Effervescent grenades. They are TREMEMDOUSLY overpowered, especially the Electric Chair. Dealing even more damage than their legendary counterparts, and rather easy to farm as well.

  • Storm Front / Fire Bee / Pandemic : while not as effective as the Fastball, the good old Vladof AoE grenades are pretty fun and effective alternatives by covering large areas and spitting high amounts of Damage to anything within their range. They can also stack Bloodlust and heal through Elemental Empathy, which is also an amazing advantage.

  • Quasar : extremely high damage coupled with crowd control make this grenade a pretty effective killing tool for this build.

  • Fire Storm : massive AoE and high amounts of damage coupled with high DoT and grenade regeneration make this grenade pretty damn awesome with this build.

  • Crossfire / Bouncing Bonny : while probably as dangerous to use as the Contraband Sky Rocket, with Fuel the Blood active they will absolutely destroy anything in their area. Crossfire > Bouncing Bonny though, but the Bonny can do the job as well.

  • Muvv / Fuster Cluck : underrated MIRV grenades that cover a large area and deal a massive amount of damage. The Muvv can have a Longbow delivery system but the Fuster Cluck’s delivery system is pretty fun and it deals more damage.

  • Contraband Sky Rocket : not only this is probably the easiest item to farm in the game, but it also has pretty massive potential with this build. 11/5 in Fuel the Blood gives this grenade mod the damage boost it needs, and coupled with its massive AoE and DoT, it starts to shine. It does need some getting used to, as its trajectory is kind of odd and it definitely has the potential to kill you if you’re in its radius.


  • Diesel Blister : single best COM for this build that provides you with everything you want : +6 boost to Fuel the Blood, extended Kill Skill duration, and +6 Grenades added to your backpack.


  • Hide of Terramorphous : hands down the best Roid Shield for this particular build, providing you with the highest Roid Damage in the game. You will need a Roid Shield for this build, as you need enough Melee Damage to be able to kill a squishy enemy with Melee to activate Fuel the Blood.

  • Love Thumper / Order / Pun-chee : while worse than the Hide of Terramorphous, they remain the best Roid Shields in the game and are infinitely easier to farm.


  • Blood of the Ancients : best Relic for mobbing, as you don’t need to boost your damage further. Instead, you want to stack as much survivability as you can possibly get so that you don’t get instantly deleted. The Ammo boosts are also quite nice in conjonction with the Baby Maker and the Kitten.

  • Bone of the Ancients : way better for raiding, but worse for mobbing for reasons stated right above.


Friendship Gulag :

Southpaw Steam & Power :

Pyro Pete :


For those that want to know the math behind Bloodsplosion and why it reaches 999999K so easily, here is a mathematical explanation of my Pyro Pete kill :


So that’s pretty much it for this insane build, feel free to give me some feedback and advice to improve this build or just tell me how you destroyed everything in your path with it.

Thank you very much for reading ! :smile:


heh… that’s such a random video :smile:
I thought you made it? :thinking:


The Pete kill one ? Yeah I made it.


Nice post. Did you mean to link a lvl 71 build instead of a 72?

Also slag slowhand or hail over the grog anyday with krieg


I totally didn’t, thanks for pointing that out !

Unfortunately the Slow Hand is kinda tied to the Practicable prefix, and it’s not as “point and shoot” as the Grog Nozzle with its higher muzzle velocity. But it’s still a viable option for sure !
It’s kinda the same for the Hail, better just use the Grog and sneak one shot or two before throwing the ball instead of having to deal with the Hail’s bullet trajectory.
They’re still amazing options though !


i would squeeze a few points to get strip the flesh for added damage.


You can do that by giving up Nervous Blood and removing a point from Elemental Empathy (or Elemental Elation), but I think just going for matching elements is flat out better.


While I was toying around the idea of a DoT-based Krieg (after making such a build with Gaige), I tested all sorts of grenades, and came back surprisingly impressed by 2 that I didn’t think of as great before: the firestorm and the contraband sky rockets.

The first one covers a large area, regens like the chain lightning and can set you on fire easily … it just take a bit of getting used to with the timing as there is a delay between when you throw it and the burst. The damage is high, the AOE is wide and the DoT is impressive and will keep you alive by itself with EE.
You should definitely give it a try with this build :slight_smile:

The sky rockets is basically a hard to control fastball with AOE. Your results may vary wildly.
The damage is INCREDIBLY high and the radius is absurd… so you will kill yourself often if you’re not careful
Has a learning curve as well
Worth a try for a laugh at least

Great build BTW :slight_smile:


Damn, I forgot to add the Firestorm to the list of amazing AoE grenades. Krieg clears Pyro Pete’s Bar in under 2 minutes with it, it’s pretty awesome.
The Contraband Sky Rocket is a pretty nice suggestion though, 11/5 Fuel the Blood is probably gonna give it the damage boost it needs ! I’ll add those two right away.

Thank you for the feedback, king of builders ! :smile:
(sorry for the late response)

Edit : also going to add the Bandit MIRV, it’s pretty devastating as well.


This is one that I find so OP that I rarely use it, but dang if it doesn’t work.

This does surprisingly well against Buzzards if you get some of the MIRV over the Buzzard so the pilot takes damage.

These are great since they can come in elements.

Have you tried a Nasty Surprise? It’s like a longbow AoE MIRV? It drops bomblets straight down right over enemies heads at varying distances in a cone in front of the player (and to a certain extent behind cover). I don’t think it hits as hard as the others, but it’s auto aim feature is pretty nice. I’m out of touch with Krieg’s skills, but it seems like he could rock this.

In this shot, I threw one down in between these Loaders. The actual tossed grenade is circled in red, but you can see the other three Loaders each taking their own direct shot of bombs from overhead away from the original shot. I haven’t done exhaustive testing to see how many enemies in this cone would get their own pile (my current hypothesis is four: the one you aim at and three others “nearby” for a grenade with x4 on the card, but I also think that if there’s only one enemy, it will eat all four grenades).


The Contraband Skyrocket stops scaling at 72 doesn’t it?


I tried it a while ago on Axton and thought the lackluster damage completely overwhelmed the auto-aim mechanic, and the auto-aim mechanic could actually harm you because it would teleport to other enemies instead of focusing a single one like.
I kinda want to try it again now, maybe a 220% damage increase will help it. I’ll post testing results here. Thanks for the suggestion !

It doesn’t scale to OP8, and still it does pretty massive amounts of damage with Fuel the Blood. You can just chuck some at trash mobs to waste them (and the already massive DoT is boosted by Burn, Baby, Burn) and use a Tediore weapon to take care of UBAs. I’ll probably try to film a Pete’s Bar run using it to show its effectiveness.


…especially compared to some of the other grenades in the game. To be fair, I’m using it for slag duty (where it excels, since the delivery is super precise). I was just wondering if Krieg’s skills could open it up to some new niches.


This thing…
This was only fabled. Heard of in legends.
I fear no man. But that THING…

It scares me.




This is beautiful, I also love how fast the inferno bloodsplosion travels. Also i always advocate fuel the blood, even for javelineer builds. You can use this build to rekt saturn to, melee skag+fastball. I wonder how broken +10 to the skill would be (imagine 15/10 ftb) :eyes:

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I always carry a Rapier alongside my trusty Tediore Launcher and spec into Fuel the Blood instead of Boiling Blood so I can lose Bloodlust stacks and get back up, allowing for more free reloads. This way I can take care of Constructors easily by activating FtB on the turret and chucking it to death.

As well as BNK3R, just proc FtB on one of the loaders, Fastball one of the turrets and enjoy the show !



Yeah its amazing what bloodsplosion can do with ftb active and having near 500 million overkill damage can do to enemies LOL. And it just keeps going! Glad I am not the only one using FTB Tactics.

Yeah For sure, you can one shot if you throw the fastball with a ladyfist in your hand for optimal damage. I have bloodsploded most raid bosses at OP8 already! (If you couldn’t tell I am a Krieg Fanatic :P)


Krieg noob here. How would that build update skill-wise with the new level cap set at 80 ?

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Yup, forgot to update that. Here is the skill tree with the 8 extra points : https://bl2skills.com/psycho.html#55000505053150500100000055505153051

Went for Fire Fiend for the extra reload speed while on fire, helps with Tediore chucking. 3 last points went into Flame Flare to keep the bonuses up for longer.

Also added the Electric Chair and Antifection as grenade options, because they’re kind of overpowered.