[Build] A Nisha for any gun

(Matrixneo42) #1

Here’s my future 60 point build based on my experience with Nisha to level 50 and the excellent evaluation of her skills by Chuck80.

My focus has always been on the law & order tree. I like the survival + damage boosts + melee boosts. I also really like the explosive unforgiven. I throw in pickpocket because I can use it with thunder crackdown’s reach, I assume (I’ll have to verify this).

In general I don’t like to use skills that only benefit non-elemental guns or only pistols. My build is very flexible. Most people tend to say “she’s great at Jakobs guns” but she’s also great with any gun. I aim down scope most of the time, so I don’t use from the hip skills. I tend to use steady stream lasers like the e-gun, SMGs, or hyperion shotguns. But this build should also be good with many other types.

However, I will also try the following in order to duel wield pistols.

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