[Build] A Snowball in Hell

A Snowball in Hell :snowflake: :fire: :boom:

Most importantly Mr. Torgue approves this Sh*t!

The spec

Basic Showcase

Note: This is a hybrid build that is not Min/Max. Yes your digi-jacks will die frequently, but it’s not the main focus of the build. No company man and no Absolute Advantage boosting COMS.

Skill breakdown

The Hero of this Story

Best Foot Forward 5/5-
No jack build should go without this skill. Combined with leadership you have almost permanent kill skills.

Just Compensation 5/5-
Both the grenade damage and magazine size bonuses work very well with this build.

You Have My Shield 1/1-
Gives your digi-jacks a copy of your shield and in this case it’s always going to be a nova shield.

Jack’s Cache 1/1-
Free grenades. This will be useable almost anytime you throw a grenade during combat. Combines nicely with Just compensation.

Lean on Me5/5-
More fire rate the higher your health. Synergies with the Greater Good tree. Also makes your digi-jacks more helpful when they’re alive.

Greater Good

Collaborate 5/5 -
In short this is more damage for you and your digi-jacks. In detail it gives you more damage when your digi-jacks die. Very easy to keep max stacks.

Synergy 5/5-
Kill skill, but with this build kill skills are almost permanent during combat. More weapon and critical damage.

Teamwork 5/5-
Free percentage based healing as long as your digi-jacks are being killed. Very easy to have 10% healing during combat

Winning 5/5-
Kill skill. Helps make you even more durable with the added bonus of movement speed which allows you to kill digi-jacks faster, which in turn activates this skill again. It’s a win-win-win.

Believe 5/5-
Kill skill. More damage, fire rate, reload, and accuracy that’s almost always active.

Potential 1/1-
Your digi jacks release a shock nova when they spawn, which happens very frequently. This strips enemy shields which allows you to apply cryo easier. If you ever enter FFYL it allows you to use your action skill, possibly granting an instant 2nd wind if your surrounded by enemies

Leadership 1/1-
This skill ties the Hero of this Story and Greater Good trees together. When a digi-jack dies all your kill skills activate, plus Best Foot Forward, you gain a stack of Jack’s Cache, and a shock nova when a new digi-jack spawns.

Free enterprise

High-Frequency Trading 5/5-
Weapon swap speed helps with maximizing this tree.

Incentives 1/5-
This is only so you can get the boost from any COMS that boost it. You can move this point anywhere you see fit

Marginal Benefit 5/5-
Works amazingly with Jack’s Cache and glitch guns. Throwing a grenade has a chance to reload your equipped gun. Let’s you keep a glitch going on your gun

Money is Power 1/1-
Passively grants you more damage. Not something you really need to worry about managing, but since ammo isn’t a concern with this build you can constantly gain stacks.

Taxation of Trade Routes 5/5-
More fire rate. Can be used to a fuller effect by emptying all your guns except the main one or can just be a passive fire rate buff.

Absolute Advantage 5/5-
Kill skill. It’s basically free ammo and DPS since it’s going to be active the entire time you’re in combat

Sponsored By… 1/1-
The skill that makes this build work. Let’s you add cryo damage to any explosive gun and explosive damage to any cryo gun. Which in turn grants you the bonus damage from using explosive on a frozen enemy.


I’ll leave suggestions below, but you should always spec around the gear you have available after you spec into the level 30 build.

Level 8:

Best Foot Forward makes your digi-jacks so much more useful

Level 19:

Level 30:

Leadership is the nest capstone jack has. No build should go without it

Level 54:

Sponsored by… Is what makes the build concept work

Level 63:

Gear selection

Note: I’m going to list the best possible options, but the build is very flexible with parts, prefixes, and rarity

Torgue Spitter :boom:

  • Best parts
    Torgue grip, Dahl stock
  • Best prefix
    Nasty or Rhythmic
  • Best Glitch
  • Alternative
    Any Torgue assault rifle with a matching grip
    Any Glitch will be useable

Maliwan Splitter :snowflake:

  • Best parts
    Maliwan grip, Dahl stock
  • Best Glitch
  • Alternatives
    Any cyro Maliwan Laser or SMG
    Any Glitch effect will be useable

Laser Disker :boom:

  • Best parts
    Tediore grip, Dahl stock
  • Alternatives
    IVF’s in all elements
    Tediore SMGs

Torrent :zap: :snowflake:

  • Best parts
    Dahl grip, Dahl stock
  • Best prefix
  • Alternatives
    Shock or cryo T4s-R
    Shock or cryo Shootarang

Snowball :snowflake:

  • Use if you main an explosive gun

Bonus Package :boom:

  • Use if you main a cryo gun

Artic Oz Kit

Almost any Oz kit will work. Tranquility, Precision strike, Strafing run, Bomber, or Clear skies are all viable. It all depends on your playstyle, location, and main weapon.

Class Mod

There are so many useable COMS with this build that i couldn’t decide on a main one.

Shrewd Entrepreneur

+% Reload Speed
+% Shield Recharge Rate
Believe +6
Synergy +5
Boosts 2 very good kill skills.

The Best Man

+% Grenade damage
Just compensation +6
Lean on Me +5
A very good COM if you main the spitter.

Celestial Doppelganger

+% Critical damage
+% Elemental Effect Damage
Best Foot Forward +5
Just Compensation +5
Teamwork +5
Collaborate +5
Incentives +5
Marginal benefit +5
Not the best COM for this build, but it’s useable and boosts some really good skills


This will depend on your main gun.

If you main an explosive weapon


  • Best parts
    All Maliwan
  • Best prefix
  • Alternative
    Cryo nova shield

If you main a cyro gun

Deadly bloom

  • Best parts
    All Maliwan
  • Best prefix
  • Alternative
    Explosive nova shield

In the end this build is extremely flexible, requiring only a Torgue assault rifle and a Maliwan cryo gun. Clears mobs with hardly any effort and makes all but the hardest bosses a cake walk. But you can always throw on a CEO Of All CEOs COM and a jakobs shotgun for anything you have trouble with :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And done. Until I’m able to add videos

Been thinking of this as well, since I am one of the few who prefers the snowball over the mining laser. with jack grenade buffs, just compensation, bomber com just jump and throw the snowball at the enemies.

Does on my mark works on a snowball? i read somewhere that its buggy.


It can kill relatively well if the enemy doesn’t have a shield and isn’t a badass

On my mark doesn’t work with longbow grenades and isn’t good with other types. It was one of my 1st ideas.

I run a similar build sometimes, but I put points into Optimism when I use a cryo nova shield which is actually quite strong against frozen enemies (as well as Optimism’s side effect of reducing your digi-jack’s health every time they respawn which allows for more killskills and novas).

If I’m maining cryo weapons, I tend to use the CoE, if I use the explosive the CD is generally the best choice because of bonuses to BFF and JC.

This is a hybrid, i didn’t want a nova spam build.
Also i listed the CD as a useable COM, but i prefer the best man i listed. You only need BFF boosted for the raids

Video added

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I’ll be giving this a go when I get home. I love the Fastball and haven’t given the Snowball a proper chance.

The snowball isn’t nearly as good as the fastball, but it’s just as fun