[Build] Abs0lute Zer0

The following is a Sniper Eridian Vanquisher build, with a few added weapons for versatility in other areas of the game.

Link (Lv50): http://thepresequel.com/Aurelia/3551010100514130510150112100000000000
Link (Lv60): http://thepresequel.com/Aurelia/3551010100515150510150112120140000000
Link (Lv70): http://thepresequel.com/Aurelia/5551010100515150510150112120151015000

##Gear Setup##

[For anything that can spawn with a [color=paleturquoise]Luneshine[/color] effect, I prefer [color=paleturquoise]Piercing Rounds[/color] or [color=paleturquoise]Punisher[/color].]

 - [color=pink]Barking Snider[/color] [color=greenyellow]O4L0M0A5[/color] :snowflake:: I usually go for the red glitch. Lots of damage but the recoil is pretty gnarly. Add amp damage and [color=lightgreen]Custom Loads[/color] novas and you're putting out some seriously powerful shots.
 - [color=pink]Casual Ravager[/color] [color=greenyellow]O4L4M4A4[/color]: I keep this around for the cryo-explosive bonus. Thanks to [color=skyblue]Wintertide[/color], the Ravager can deal cryo damage after killing an enemy. I usually hope for the red or green glitch.
 - [color=orange]Rightsizing Fatale[/color]: The Fatale is really good for getting a nice stream of crits, which is great for keeping your shard out with [color=skyblue]Cold Advance[/color]. While it has good crit damage to make up for the lowered base damage, I've found that it doesn't really deliver against badasses and especially enemies with more difficult to reach crits. In those cases, shoot until you freeze then swap to something more powerful.
 - [color=steelblue]Longitudinal Fremington's Edge[/color] :snowflake:: Largest zoom of any gun. Perfect for kicking back and popping heads, esp. since you have increased crit damage on ADS. Basically useless for close / mid-range engagements.

 - [color=orange]Inflammable Rerouter[/color]: Thanks to the defense offered by the COM, I can use Amp shields, and this one is awesome for health regen and of course picking off a few losers before they get close to you. I use a [color=dodgerblue]Grounded[/color] variant in vacuums. If you have one, a [color=orange]Sham[/color] is good in situations involving lots of bullets being shot at you and a [color=steelblue]Naught[/color] is good if you're facing many melee enemies. For bosses, one could also go with a purple adaptive shield.
 - [color=orange]Eridian Vanquisher[/color]: [color=wheat]Shield Recharge Rate[/color], [color=wheat]Air Control[/color], and [color=wheat]Max Health[/color]. Boosts [color=lightgreen]Markswoman[/color], [color=lightgreen]Only The Best[/color], [color=skyblue]Avalanche[/color], [color=skyblue]Bitter Riposte[/color], and [color=lightcoral]Quantity not Quality[/color]. The shield recharge rate allows you to put out amp shots quicker, and the air control is great for hitting crits while airborne.
 - [color=orange]Meganade[/color] :boom:: Sucks that you can't get it with Longbow delivery, but seriously thank you Gearbox for Quasar 2.0. More damage, larger radius, and THREE singularities? And comes in all elements? You guys are mad!! But I still have my tranfusion grenades: A [color=orange]Longbow Cryo Leech[/color], a [color=mediumorchid]Longbow Shock Transfusion[/color], and a [color=steelblue]Data Scrubber[/color].
 - [color=mediumorchid]Arctic Tranquility Oz Kit[/color]: WIth the level cap increase and new weapons, I'm a little more confident in Aurelia's skills keeping her alive, especially if we have a servant. This Oz kit provides a great offensive boost, but I do still keep an [color=orange]3.DD1E[/color] if things are about to get especially dangerous. A [color=mediumorchid]Juggernaut[/color] could work as well.
###Alternate Gear###
 - [color=orange]Boss Hammer Buster II[/color]: High base damage AR that stomps on crit spots. I don't use it super often but it's nice to have.
 - [color=steelblue]Niveous Mining Laser[/color] :snowflake:: To be completely honest, I'm not done testing this but it's worked well with my other characters. Plus, it's probably nasty with 100 stacks of [color=lightcoral]Duchess[/color].
 - [color=steelblue]Miss Moxxi's Vibra Pulse[/color]: I can't use a Hail with [color=lightgreen]Only the Best[/color], so I have a Vibra Pulse. Easy to get and helpful for when you really need health, but I honestly don't find myself using it that much.
 - [color=pink]Purging Anarchist[/color] [color=greenyellow]O0L4M0A4[/color] :snowflake:: I have a handful of weapons that I save for after getting 100 stacks of Duchess, and this is one of them. Absolutely tears bad guys in half if you get their crit spots.
 - [color=orange]Clever Badaboom[/color] :boom:: One of my top picks for a general FFYL tool. I also have a [color=orange]Redundant Logan's Gun[/color] for "Sham-Booming" the Sentinel's first form. (Lol I know, judge me.)
 - [color=orange]Kaneda's Laser[/color]: This ■■■■ is the real deal, you guys. It's basically a railgun with rocket launcher damage, that's explosive element and can crit. That translates to one-shotting frozen UBAs. Reload isn't important.
 - [color=orange]Doc's Flayer[/color] / [color=orange]Doc's Striker[/color]: Another weapon that I haven't tested extensively, but like the Mining Laser and Anarchist it probably performs well after maxing out Duchess.
 - [color=steelblue]True Blue Fast-Talker[/color]: Dat fire rate...
 - [color=pink] Vladof Droogs[/color] [color=greenyellow]O0L4M0A4[/color]: Really good for bosses and UBAs, especially if they're frozen. The Droog will kill frozen enemies a lot faster than a Jakobs SR if you have a clear shot.
 - [color=orange]Skookum Skullmasher[/color]: Another weapon that's great with 100 stacks of Duchess, and even better since I'm not using [color=lightgreen]I Never Miss[/color]. However, a [color=mediumorchid]Muckamuck[/color] is a fine substitute, especially if you're using that skill since missed Skullmasher pellets count as a miss. I have a [color=pink]Glitched[/color] variant of the Muckamuck. ([color=greenyellow]O4L0M0A5[/color])
 - [color=orange]Night Pitchfork[/color]: For Iwajira's mouth, Seninel's Face, and EOS' eye.
 - [color=orange]Investment Omni-Canon[/color]: Hyperion version of the Cobra from BL2. Still awesome.
 - [color=orange]Bolshy Longnail[/color] ![](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/92639628/haz.png): For when you just ain't got time for that shield. I only use this on shielded armored enemies.
 - [color=orange]Longbow Bouncing Bazza[/color] :snowflake:: Fun grenade for causing some frosty mayhem if you're indoors.


###The Huntress###

  • 9/5 Markswoman: Mostly for the extra crit damage, but the aim speed does help to quickly scope in and out for different Custom Loads elements.
  • 9/5 Only the Best: Bullet speed is nice, but unfortunately makes strong weapons like the Hail, Flakker, and Torguemada more difficult to use.
  • 5/5 Culling the Herd: Adds gun damage when you crit, which is very useful for knocking down several enemies in succession.
  • 1/1 Long-Range Killer: If you’re using sniper rifles for any reason, you should probably take this.
  • 1/1 Silver Lining: Very good with any type of 0ne shot 0ne kill weapon. (see what I did there?!) Reminder: Only works on kill.
  • 1/1 Magic Bullet: Allows for health and FFYL revives when you land a crit with a sniper. Sometimes it’s a lot harder than it sounds, but it’s not a bad card to have in your deck. Plus, you can use it to heal friends if they can crawl into the healing nova.
  • 5/5 Prudent Prudence: You don’t want to get hit with melee as a sniper, but this skill offers a bit of backup if someone gets that close to you by adding reload and movement speed, and gun damage.
  • 1/1 Custom Loads: The nova crits hit pretty hard and can also set off nearby barrels and gas canisters. I try to avoid fire, not because it isn’t powerful but it does mess up stacks of Avalanche.
    ###Cold Money###
  • 9/5 Avalanche: Definitely a helpful skill. The more cryo weaponry you use at once, the faster this stacks.
  • 5/5 Bitter Riposte: Turns your shield into a cryo Flyin’ Maiden. The darts are fast, can get around cover like a boss, and freezes almost every time. Only one point since I don’t care about the damage (and it’s boosted by the COM anyway), but honestly no Aurelia build should skip this.
  • 5/5 Short Summer: You won’t effectively stack this with SRrs, but we’ve got other weapons for dealing cryo damage. That “while your Action Skill is active” is a lame restriction regardless.
  • 5/5 Frigid Touch: I really wish this wasn’t a kill skill, but with Aurelia lacking so hard in the survivability department, anything is fine.
  • 1/1 Fragment Rain: Because yes.
  • 1/1 Polar Vortex: Good skills for getting enemies off of you and into a nice group of bad guy popsicles.
  • 5/5 Cold Advance: Being able to extend your Action skill is great for when you’re in the middle of a tough fight. A steady trigger finger and a high fire rate weapon can keep the shard out for a pretty good amount of time. Plus, the crit bonus is very nice.
  • 1/5 Winter’s Veil: Turns your shield into a cryo nova shield as well. Like Bitter Riposte this is a skill chosen for freezing problem enemies rather than damaging them.
  • 1/1 Wintertide: The capstone in this tree is so beautiful. Really helps with all the skills that are dependent on dealing cryo damage.
    ###Contractual Aristocracy###
  • 2/2 Duchess: Allows you to stack up to +80% accuracy, which doesn’t take too long and is either good or really friggin beneficial depending on what weapon you’re using.
  • 1/1 Contractual Obligations: I play a fair amount of co-op with friends and randoms alike so why not give myself some gun damage, you know?
  • 2/2 Valet: Up to 40% reload speed for you and 30% for a buddy. Sucks that this is a dead skill in solo, but otherwise it’s nice to have.
  • 1/1 You First: Another dead skill in solo, but in co-op your servant sure won’t think about revolting. Unless they play roid melee.
  • 9/5 Quality Not Quantity: Increased damage and fire rate for what? Playing the game? Yeah I’m down.
  • 1/1 Excellent Shot, Madam: More cryo attacks = more Avalanche
  • 1/1 All Glory to the Master: Harder to stack than it sounds, and by the time you get to 250 chances are you’re already bored and you want to go outside. Right? But anyway, this is a good buff.
  • 5/5 Keep Your Chin Up: I decided to use the five remaining points to maximize my co-op survival. Although it’s wasted in solo, I still feel like I play with people enough not to think about it. Plus, if I really need to I can re-spec, and in that case I’d probably just put these points in Large Caliber or I Never Miss if I’m just messing around.

Feel free to comment with anything that could make this build stronger. :grin: Constructive criticism greatly appreciated!! I’ll probably try to find some time soon to post the weapon parts before submitting this to the build guide.


@David_Ayy I can’t speak for the build because I haven’t played Aurelia yet but I love your choice of snipers. Unforgiving but merciless. Give the Klook prefix (fire rate accessory) a try on your Muckamuck. I’ve found it to be my favorite with Jakobs and it tends to be better balanced. Chikamin is also good to offset a poor stock.

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I’ll definitely give it a try! What do you mean by it being better balanced? Should I go for the same prefix on a Skullmasher?

More than enough stopping power without the additional recoil that comes with Skookum and I find the improvement in fire rate useful for follow up shots. Sometimes crits on frozen targets aren’t that visible so I’d rather get more shots off than go for a bigger shot that takes longer to recover from.

I’d try Klook on any Jakobs you find to see what you think. Also, check out the Calipeen. This has the Maliwan or Dahl barrel. More forgiving than Muckamucks and might work really well with Aurelia since with all of her bonuses you’ll reach a point that more damage is overkill and you can focus on different sniper rifle barrels to help balance out what is offered by her skill trees. She gets a lot of damage, critical hit, and accuracy bonuses but no recoil reduction bonuses.

great build name.


Changed some of the gear and moved some of the skill points around. Check it out! :laughing:

nice list
i only use skullmaster + large caliber + bitter riposte , kills anything one shot
do not need anything else
and yes never miss is useless even with other snipers (solo)

Added: DLC4 skill points and weapons!

I would recommend trying out the Casual (extra pellets), Sinewy (general), and Impetuous (reload speed) Ravagers. It would be a good option for close range fighting and benefits a lot from your skill choices.

I’ll probably go with Casual…

Edit: Or probably Impetuous. I’m the type that likes to shoot once and reload until I get a good glitch.

This build needs more Absolute Zero. :thumbsup:

LOL eh I was able to try it out and I wasn’t really sold on it, mainly because of the mag size. -_- Does anyone know the special effect for that one? Maybe I missed something…

The special effect is:

  • very high base damage
  • high elemental effect chance & damage

Haven’t noticed anything special besides that.

Perhaps some more testing is in order. I bet it’s nasty with Chronicler of Elpis builds.