[Build] Aim!?!?

Aim!?!? If you are struggling with the excessive punctuation there. Think of the movie Dogma, the scene when Jay was diving, 100MPH, in first gear… She asked what gear he was in & he replied, “GEAR!?!?”

Moving right along, This is my final answer to the chronicler / celestial hybrid build. It is an evolution of the sheriff of legend build. The SOL build as I began to call it, because it leaves you S*** Out of Luck, when it comes to survivability. Its purpose was, to attain the fastest kills possible. This leaves very little room for defensive skills. The build did suffer a bit with the fact that you may need some medical attention more frequently. “We would like to welcome you back from your trip to the undiscovered country.”

This build gets less DPS than the previous version and I have actually decided to use all the skills that the com boosts. Meaning that I have no capstones. Kinda weird when you look at it like that, but this diversifies the build by granting an insane amount of survivability while keeping enough of the raw power that makes it fun.

Skill point break down (in progress)

Guns, more like gun = Frigidia.
Shield, various. Situationally based.
COM = Chronicler of Elpis
OzKit = Tranquility for gun damage, or Precision for increased crits while airborne.
Grenade, Did you know that when tombstone is active that the Quasars grenade damage can crit? Well it can!



May I suggest a few things ? (…wait for the answer) good! :blush:

While it does have very high freeze chance, the Frigida doesn’t deal a lot of damage. Consider carying something else with more punch too for badasses, like a Tediore cryo splitter laser, or a Cryo Taser. (if you do get a cryo Taser, you could also move those 5 points from no pain no gain and jurisdiction, and move them to high noon and OFEOY… just a thought.

While it’s true that Tombstone makes the Quasar crit, you’re missing the best synergy available for your build: Tombstone makes ANY grenade crit…but frozen targets also take TRIPLE damage from explosives. Torgue mirv maybe ? …I would.

If not, carry an explosive gun at all times :smile: I suggest the Torguemada, a pounder (or a slapper, especially if you did get the cryo Taser I suggested earlier on)

Tranquility is a better choice this time, because you will already have 235% crit bonus when enemies are frozen, so an additional 65% from your Oz kit will be less efficient than a 30% base damage increase. Also, when gravity is normal, a precision strike is pretty hard to take advantage of, while the Tranquility is always good.

And most important of all: UNFORGIVEN!!! frozen targets take TRIPLE damage from explosive!!! do it!
this is the BEST skill Nisha has for a Cryo build! Find a point somewhere for pete’s sake! :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually didn’t swap weapons at all in the video. Everything still died way before unforgiven would have went off. And if you notice the sham I am wearing, for no good reason I might add, Is more than enough against what little opposition makes it through the Fridgia (which is not much)
Why am I not wearing the asteroid belt??? you know, like I planed… Oops.

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Oh, I have no doubt of it’s efficiency, just suggesting things to make it even more badass :smile:

The Frigida is one of my favorite piece of gear in the game, and it can certainly hold it’s own.

Turns out that tombstone makes more things crit than just everything else. it makes the flakker crit too :smile:

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Trick Shot and Tombstone negate Fridgia’s every weakness other than Shields. Which is what Quasar is for.

As for my suggestions:

I think you’ll find for the COM-boosted skills, having more than 1 point gives miniscule returns per-point. Therefore it’s usually better not to spend more than one point unless it gives you access to a deeper skill in the tree. Since the only skill that would actually do something among the capstones for this particular build is Unforgiven, further investment into FtH or L&O is ill-advised.

Trick Shot, on the other hand, is well worth the 5/5, because it extends all your other DPS increases when you miss. The difference between 30% and 42% Tombstone isn’t as important, in my opinion.

I say this as someone who runs a very similar build with practically the same gear.

If you would rather keep this as a no-capstone build, carry on. I would still recommend getting 5/5 Trick Shot, however (take 1 point each from Faster 'n You and High Noon).

My build is similar, but the main weapon is actually Torguemada, which is what accounts for the skill allocation differences. But the idea is the same: Maximize Trick Shot, get as many of the other COM boosts as needed, diversify the other points, and be awesome.

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My concern when using the Frigida (without a side-dish of explosive) is when Tombstone is NOT active.
Even point blank, if a badass’ crit spot is hidden, you’ll have a hard time getting his health bar down, and it’s not very ammo-efficient to try to do so (which is a real concern in the Holodome)

If you have Tombstone active, yeah, you can just mop the flood with anything.

I agree.

However, the solution is not to ditch Fridgia, which is in my opinion the best overall Cryo gun in the game.

The solution is more explosions.

Mining Laser is a close second.

Taser is a distant third.

Too Scoops is a Min Min Lighter.

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I don’t recall suggesting ditching the Frigida though, but rather to have a SECOND cryo weapon that packs more punch for those moments where raw damage is what’s needed. (that is also, considering that the OP cared not for explosive as the 2nd weapon and wanted to stick to cryo)

I should have suggested a cryo Boganella :smile:

CLOSE third IMO, especially with Nisha

Coach Gun would be a better option, assuming the enemy is frozen first. :wink:

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Coach gun would totally rock, but cryo Boganella has the added advantage of having a high chance to keep the target frozen if you run out of time, and having a mag that takes about the same time to empty as it takes to kill a frozen badass. Little edge to the Boganella if only for “timing” considerations. (though this was true with a Kid COM on, so maybe you would need to reload with the Boganella too in this case, which would throw everything I said to the trash, considering the Boganella’s reload speed)

Still, Pounder beats both in this case :slight_smile:

I disagree unless you have One For Each of Ya.

The damage is not actually much higher than Fridgia without it (~14%).

I think Nisha can justify the use of Hyperion weapons the least out of everyone, because her action skill mostly ignores aiming, and she has Trick Shot.

Yeah, and Torguemada is even better.

This. Currently my favorite weapon combo in the holodome: fridgida / torguemada. Ammo efficient, gets the job done, and very reliable.

Nah, the damage isn’t THAT much better, but at 24% freeze chance, a fire rate of roughly 6 and a pretty big mag, it freezes almost as well as the Frigida. With OFEOY, If you get a redundant one, you get MORE chance to freeze than with the Frigida.

It’s a little more invested, but it’s VERY potent and a good choice with a pistol version of your build.
Swapping between this and a slapper is very fast, thanks to them being pistols, and to FNU.

Anyway, it’s less about it being a Hyperion weapon and more about it having the 2nd best freeze chance among fast guns.

On THAT, we totally agree :sunglasses:

And several times the ammo consumption (especially accounting for the smaller ammo pool). Let’s face it though, “more” chance to freeze than Fridgia is not a meaningful argument, because Fridgia is already absurdly efficient in that regard.

T4s-R is an alternative to Fridgia.

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My point.
I was not trying to say that Taser was better than Frigida.
Just that Taser is a good choice too.
Like I said, a CLOSE 3rd.

T4s-R is neat with One For Each of Ya, being probably the best Cryo Pistol.

Otherwise, Fridgia is overall better, and hilariously more efficient.


I would like to agree with you, but I’m almost certain that the 2 points spent in FtY are required to but any point into showdown. So there’s really only one more point to upgrade trick shot further.
I’m still gonna do it though.

With 3/5 Bottled Courage, yeah.

I’d prefer 4/5 in that and 1/5 in Faster, honestly.

Yup, that’s happening