[Build] Amara - Hellwalkin' Deputy (M10)

Hey, glad your enjoying the build. There is a section for the artifact in the guide. An Elemental Projector works well against bosses, but for normal mobbing I prefer a Snowdrift for mobility. A Snowdrift Victory Rush would be ideal. At the moment I am using a purple shield and grenade with +50% Radiation and Cryo after using an Action Skill and my artifact adds + 16% to Cryo and Radiation as well. So, I try to match my elemental bonuses. You can get an acceptable shield and grenade with the Anointments in vending machines. I would rather use a Transformer and Quasar, but as long as the loot pools are that crowded I am not too motivated to farm for that.
The result is that with Infusion you can hit enemies with four elements at once after your first Phasegrasp, which is crazy with Ties That Bind.

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I have a Transformer, but I need one with +50% (Cryo/Corrosive/Radiation/Shock) Damage after Action Skill End. Thanks for the offer, tho!

Im using an Otto Idol (18% life after a kill)

with +1500 max life
+16% fire dmg
+16% shock dmg (cause of the shock dmg on ASE on Grenade Mod)

works super well, cant wait for the new DLC to Play in M4^^

Looks fun I’ve got a similar build running the driver mod meant to run m4 with no anointments outside of a grenade.

The new Amara mod might help you. Coming on the DLC:

This looks insane for a Phasecast build. Unfortunately you would lose the Reload Loop and Fire Rate. I’ll test it once I get it.

Found a godly Phasezerker Mod

+45% Jacobs Crit dmg
+31% Shotgun dmg

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That is one very, very nice mod. Are you able to dupe?

dupe sounds everytime so much non-legit^^

if u get no response, what happen to me often…ask for copy his savefile^^

suprisingly with that more people got no "dupecheathackexpoit* problem :smiley:

btw…how do i get to the interactive skill trees to see the entire build?

links dont really work…shows only the amara character info page ?! :roll_eyes:

and if the mistake sits right here before his pc…so pls tell me what iam doin wrong…too much weed doesnt help it seems^^


Exchanged links to the Unoffical Skill Calculator because the old links do not seem to work for everybody. Added some better optimised gear. Added a Phasecast Version with Samsara. Added some mobbing with Phasecast in Lectra City. Updated my Graveward kill because I did some farming and my previous time was terrible. Added a ranged option for the fourth slot. Enjoy!

And by the way, this happens when you shoot the Hellwalker on the critical spot with two bonus elemental damage after ASE Anointments:

Holy ricochets!



Seems like the game wants to troll me. I never got a Jakobs Critical Hit Multiplier on any Phasezerker so far.
Well, I can already tell you after playing with this for a bit, that this is NOT a good Hellwalker COM. The gun feels to slow with it because you just do not have the Alacrity Loop. However, for guns like the Sledges Shotgun this COM works pretty well so far. You get a boost to Helping Hands and Mindfulness, so you can get safely into close quarters and out once your buff is gone. And I was able to keep up the Phasecast Anointment almost all the time in some mobbing scenarios. However, I have been able to do that with the Phasezerker as well. And so far, I have to say it does not stack fast enough. I’ll update this once I have played around some more with the new COM.

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Are you playing on PS4? DM me if so. I might have something for you.

Still loving this build. I do like using a Dahl Shocking AAA pistol for shock damage though.
it would help so much if you put the 3 action skill selections for each build somewhere for dummies like me (who either cannot find it in your post) or don’t really know what i should be using and just copy builds!

Also, can you expand on this:

You want to have a set of two elements on your shield and grenade. This will add a ton of damage on your guns, and allow you punch through protective layers quicker. Try to match elements with the bonuses on your Artifact. And always use one element that is good for shields and one for armor, so a combo of Cryo/Radiation or Shock/Corrosive works pretty well. You can also stack Cryo/Corrosive Bonus damage on high armor targets like Wotan the Invicible. The endgame goal is to have these Anointments on your favourite piece of gear. You should be aware, that this will be quite the grind. So, if you’re up for it and you can spare the time, I wish you the best of luck.

So if I am running with a transformer shield, my grenade should be corrosive maybe? (I currently have an ice hex) How does that help gun damage?

Thanks for your post! It made me realise that I have to update this build again. Actually, I’m not using any elemental guns beside the Hellwalker any more. The reason for this is that with the new Anointments (+ 50% Bonus Elemental Damage after Action Skill ends) and Infusion, you won’t need a shock gun.
So, right now these Anointments cannot stack with each other. That means you won’t be able to use 50% Corrosive on Shield and Grenade to get a total of an additional 100% Corrosive Bonus Damage. However, they allow you to add 50% of your gun damage as bonus elemental damage with a different element after your Action Skill ends. And with Infusion you already apply another element to your gun. In total you can hit an enemy with four elements at once after your Action Skill ends. At the moment these Anointments add multiple projectiles to critical ricochets of Jakobs weapons as well. That is why you will do double damage, once you have a set of these Anointments. And they are really easy to get in Vending Machines. I’ll update my loadout tomorrow. There are just some guns that are extremely strong because of these Anointments at the moment.

UPDATE: Added new loadout. As always subject to change, depending on game patches and new guns. The Lucky 7 is pretty good as well, but it works better on Moze or FL4K in my opinion.


Played the DLC at M4 with nbo struggle. It was quite easy .
Used the Hellwalker and a corrosive Cutsmen, there was no Need for other weapons.
I died a few times, but only cause of exploding Barrels and falling from the map

btw, i got 9 !! pieces of the new amara class mod while playing the dlc….

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Are you on PS4?

on pc

solo M4 Slaughtershaft (Pandora) with this build without dying.
only changed the Shield for a big boom blaster and a fire ion cannon^^

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